Future study on IBS

A readiness model should be developed in the future to guide the transformation of contractor to IBS. In model, level of readiness (both the current and target) should be clear and indicative of the organisation’s situation in term of measurable attributes and in maturity-like levels. By identifying the current and the required organisation status, the readiness gap can be determined and the route of transformation progress becomes visible. Progress can be accomplished when organisation move through the levels in sequential order.

To study how Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can be benefited from the transformation of large contractors in Malaysia to IBS could be carried out. This research will thoroughly examine the role SMEs and medium sized contractors in IBS to support the adoption such as to be a product vendor or installer under umbrella system. This research will investigate a holistic value chain of IBS and how technology transfer and benchmarking can expedite their learning curve. It is also important to study in detail the business process involved in the application of IBS in construction and the financial aspect as in the loan and the payback system that can be implemented in the current banking system.

A research need to be conducted to study the mechanism and characteristics of open system in the IBS construction. Open systems will be the method of construction where customers will have more decision making at the earliest possible stage. Throughout its life cycles the built environment can be changed to suit human needs.

The rising sustainability awareness around the globe has put the construction industry under immense pressure to improve project efficiency and deliverables. IBS has the potential to promote sustainability development and green construction. This  may  be  achieved  from  a  controlled  production  environment,  minimization  of construction waste,  extensive usage of  energy  efficient building material,  a  safer  and more  stable work environment, and possibly better investment for long term project economy. A study to link IBS and sustainability should be the way forward. 

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