Offsite construction - Terrapin Ltd.

Interview 4 (Terrapin Ltd)

Q: How important planning and scheduling to manage the process sequences from manufacturing floor to assembly?

A: This is an important step in the process and an experienced foreman/planner undertakes this role liaising with the production manager. It has to fit in with the overall project plan/design/purchasing and site delivery. Bringing everything together just in time and in a balanced sequence to ensure efficiency and smooth flow through the factory is a valuable skill.

Q: How important are coordination and working collaboration with clients, architects, engineers and sub-contractors to ensure smooth operation?

A:  This is again important. The easiest part is generally working with the sub contractors a there is control and familiarity in the relationship. The engineering element is usually straight forward. Architects and clients vary in their involvement and requirements which makes collaboration with them a critical relationship to the success of a project.

Q: Can you explain why communication and information flow is so important to offsite?

A: Yes. Unlike traditional construction decisions cannot be left to late in the process such as relying on tradesmen to resolve design details on site or allowing late change to design. All the information needs to reach the effected part of the process in a timely and complete fashion or there can be an expensive waste of resources. Thus effective and clear communication is an essential part of the process to a predetermined discipline

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