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Interview 2 (Terrapin Ltd)

Q: What is the best business strategy for offsite in order to win tender and survive in the competitive market?

A: Marketing is conventional in many ways to deal with hard copy, seminars and brochures. However, the business structure is unique where sales, contracting and implementation in one organisation which is unusual for traditional contracting companies

Q: How does the company identify the market segment for offsite?

A: Education is a traditional market segment for offsite that are very successful. Recently, market that is high impact is for military accommodation. Other commercial interest is quieter due to current economic situation

Q: What is your point of view in market perception on company branding and reputation?

A: Accreditation such as with British Board of Agrement (BBA) has always been important especially if you bring new innovative product to the market, you need a technical support for the products. More the industry matured, we believe other type of accreditation is required like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which all about quality management, process management and standardisation. The company is one of the first received accreditation on Lloyd Register accreditation. The accreditation is about managing risk, such as health and safety, competency etc. More flexible and wider accreditation across the company, which I think more valuable and beneficial to the company because product has to change and regulation had change

Q: What kind of investment is vital to offsite organisation?

A: There are two aspect on investment and research, one is product support that keeping your product up to date in the market, the others is working ahead to implement step changes so you can bring new product and market it

Q: What is it in Risk Management that exhibits your move to use offsite?

A: We always dealt and manage risk. Lloyd Register has formalized the system. Any business has to appreciate where the risk are and access the impact to the company

 Q: What is it in offsite supply chain as opposed to traditional build?

A: On offsite supply chain, the activities are getting less and simplify, as compared to traditional method. You try to standardise the supply chain and have a consistency in price, quality and service, we always work on the principal, we don’t want to stock it. Not necessarily just-in-time to be adopted but getting towards it. Get what we need when we need and getting rid of waste

Q: What is your view on strategic alliance and partnering with suppliers and specialist sub-contractors?

A: Partnering is the key important of successful project, common objective which could lead to success. It is absolutely a key

Q: Describe the role IT in offsite works?

A: Yes, IT is very important in all level of implementation 

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