Offsite construction: Critical Success Factors (Terrapin Ltd.)

Terrapin Ltd was founded after the 2nd World War to cater demand of relocatable housing due to the housing shortage caused by the war. Today, the company is a dominant player in offsite building market, specialising in providing cost effective offsite solutions for hotels, prisons, schools, hospitals and apartments. The CSFs of Terrapin Ltd are:  

a) Focus on large and repetitive clients including on the construction of military accommodations, schools and hospitals

b) Establish service and product branding

c)Leadership, vision and top-down commitment from the management

d) Obtain third party accreditations from recognised bodies for their products and processes.

e) Establish good understanding and working collaboration with suppliers and specialist sub-contractors to improve the supply chain coordination

f) Establish business continuity

g) Establish effective information and communication flow

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