Offsite construction: Critical Success Factors (Corus Living Solution)

Corus Living Solution (CLS) was established as business division to Corus Group (steel manufacturing company) to design, manufacture, deliver and erect fully fitted out steel framed finished room modules (modular/complete building). The modular concept in building was successful in repetitive and standardise building construction particularly on the application in military houses and dormitories and hotel rooms where overall cost will be reduced by mass production of the same standard modular (complete building). The CSF for CLS are:

a) Establish a long term relationship with suppliers, rather than practicising single contract tendering

b) Practice Just in Time principal whenever possible with greater focus on planning sequence and scheduling

c) Continues improvement is the company ethos which allows designers, planners and project managers to learn from past projects and allows total improvement in processes, designs, assembling sequences and time taken to assemble

d) Develop capability in manufacturing and installation of offsite components trough training and education.

e) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as an important and reliable support tool in logistic, design, supply, delivery and procurement

f) Obtain strong support from Corus Group. It helps in managing risk and optimise use of resource 

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