Offsite construction - Corus Living Solution

Interview 2 (Corus Living Solution)

Q: What is the role of partnering and strategic alliance in offsite?

A: Alliances and partnering is important and critical to offsite. Most of successful offsite companies have a strong support from the ‘mother company’ in term of resources, expertise, capital expenditure and continuity in production to deal with market requirement, payback period and transition stage

Q: What is the role of leadership in offsite?

A: Leadership and technical knowledge is important and critical to convince the client to use offsite and obtain profit in term of time and quality. Good leadership is important to establish collaborative working condition

Q: What is it in business aspect in offsite?

A: Success factors to offsite are knowledge in cost plan and building value, skills in specialized area, alliances in supply chain, identify market, identify expenditure requirement, risk assessment, prudent cost planning and long term planning in term of target and period of business. It also important to have effective business plan and investment plan which include analysis on current skill, tools and capability

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