Offsite construction: Critical Success Factors (Taylor Woodrow Construction)

Taylor Woodrow Construction (TWC) is one of the leading construction companies in UK. The company has recently emerged as one of the successful offsite adopters in UK particularly in healthcare building projects. Recently their project has won a prestigious award for offsite best practices. The CSFs for TWC are: 

a) Reform old procedures, business approaches, investment and financial planning in particular offsite projects

b) Focus on a proven offsite market and applied best practice construction to capitilised offsite benefits

c) Work in partnership with specialist contractors, logistic service providers and component manufacturers including a long term collaboration which will involve commitment of several projects in a stipulated time frame

d) Apply a thorough project planning during operation to minimise interruption and interdependent between trades, where a lot of conflict and problem could happen

e) Enhance good working collaboration between team members

f) Plan for future need on Change Management program to prepare the team with a better mind set and attitude toward offsite construction

g) Optimisation and standardisation in design and activity sequences which aim to diminish stockpile and waste generation.

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