Factors that inhibit extensive use of mechanisation in construction

Construction Process 
·          Design varies
·          Integrated supply chain is not present
·          Poor works integration of work interface
·          Quantity and demand is not sufficient
·          To many trades involved in construction
·          Construction project based practice is hinder the mechanisation
·          Construction is heavy process
·          Variable and extended locations
·          Availability of cheap labour
People (Capacity and Capability)
·          Skilled & semi skill do not come under one single organization
§          Lack of experience, lack of technical knowledge and lack of skilled labour are important barriers to adopt mechanisation
§          Lack of commitment towards improvement from sub-contractor
§          Ignorance and reluctant to change attitude
Financial, Technology and Material
·          Fragmentation of the technological operations that leads to long breaks, making the investment unbeneficial
·          Lack of technology
·          High cost of investment
·          Low standardisation of components

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