Onsite mechanisation in construction

Level of Onsite Mechanisation
Simple and non-complex machinery
·          The use of simple and traditional construction machines and equipment
·          i.e. Fork lift, backhoe, hauling equipment and hoisting equipment
Enhancement to existing construction plant and equipment
·          The enhancement can be done through the attachment of sensors and navigation aids.
·          Laser control, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and ultrasound
Task specific, dedicated machine
·          Task specific and dedicated robots to do construction work.
·          Controlled by human 
·          Robots for structural work, finishing or completion of work and inspection work
Intelligent (or cognitive) machine
·          Construction oriented machines and robots
·          Supported by a high degree of autonomy and knowledge base
·          Artificial intelligence with which to resolve the wide range of construction problems

Onsite mechanisation - Onsite mechanisation is the usage of mechanical and electrical equipment and machineries onsite in aiding construction activities undertaken by labour to improve the construction process

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