Barriers to IBS implementation 3

The barriers for total industrialisation in construction are more or less similar in Malaysia and across the globe. The problems are stems not out of technology but of people. Adopting IBS means improvement on these elements, thus require organisations to be in state of readiness to embrace IBS. In effort to migrate from the conventional to IBS, a strategy should be formulated and a framework needs to be developed to support the change. 

There is a consensus of opinion that IBS is best handled as a holistic process and requires a total synchronisation of construction, manufacturing and design. In addition, factors such as project management, procurement, rationalisation, standardisation, repetition, collaboration, integration, supply chain partnering, planning, skills and training would be essential. 

Rethinking old construction processes by understanding the characteristics of IBS is critical if the industry desires to move forward. With this regard however, here is a lack of knowledge to help traditional contractors to successfully transform to IBS. The availability of such knowledge could help to accelerate the uptake of IBS. 

As consequent to the above, there is a need for a tool or framework to support the change and allow orderly migration from the conventional on-site method of construction to the proposed off-site construction that utilise high content of IBS components.

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