Barriers to IBS implementation 2

The industry is already familiar with the conventional system and for them, the technology suit well with them and therefore they are not willing to switch to mechanised based system and IBS.

Lack of experience, lack of technical knowledge and lack of skilled labour are very important barriers to successful IBS adoption. There are cases where buildings were awarded and constructed using IBS system but contributed to the project delays and bad quality.

It is admitted presently that switching to IBS would not guarantee significant savings in the cost especially with the small volume of buildings constructed. Currently, there is no guidance in terms of finance and cost control method in IBS projects.

Further, there is lack of proper project management technique specifically for IBS and there is no specific cost control mechanism adopted by contractor in IBS. Therefore, the risk of trying an unfamiliar technology is too high compared to current profit margin in construction.

At present, common practice shows manufacture of IBS components are involved only after tender stage of the value chain. This lack of integration among relevant players in design stage has resultant in need for redesign and additional cost to be incurred if IBS is adopted.

Lack of support and understanding from construction professionals due to lack of professionals trained in IBS perhaps due to uncoordinated and incomprehensible training awareness and syllabus.

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