Phd Viva Q&A

Phd VIVA - Oral (University of Salford). For those who asking.

1.      Can you start by summarising your thesis?

-          IBS is a term to represents industrialised construction

-          Introduce in Malaysia to cope with issues quality and modernise

-          However, slow uptake lack of quality, lack of contractor capable

-          Identify CSFs of IBS contractor

-          Based on the CSFs a transformation model

-          Help and guide them in implementing IBS

2.  Now, can you summarise it in one sentence?

-          This thesis is about factors that is important for contactor to embark in IBS construction

3. What is the idea that binds your thesis together?

-          The idea that why contractors fails is not due to technical

-          But soft issue that underpinned the management of organisation

-          Readiness of organisation

-          Adopting manufacturing principal i.e. supply chain, planning and standardisation

4. What motivated and inspired you to carry out this research?

-          Malaysia construction to embark on IBS

-          Modernisation and issue of quality and dependency of foreign workers

-          Compulsory in public building

-          Policy and its implementation

-          Assisting the transformation

5. What are the main issues and debates in this subject area?

-          The main issue is readiness of organisation

-          The adoption of open system

-          The fundamental issue of definition and classification

6. Which of these does your research address?

-          Previously, the factors that underpinned successful IBS organisation has rarely been discussed

-          Systematically compile

-          Workable definition on IBS

-          Compiling best practices on IBS

7. Why is the problem you have tackled worth tackling?

-          The transformation of the whole industry depends on the readiness of contractors as project implemented to use IBS.

-          The research focus on G7

-          G7 employ many professional

-          Large number of contractor involve in IBS is G7

-          Sub-contract huge amount of project

-          Transformation of G7 will influence the whole industry

-          Will create a spill out effect

8. Who has had the strongest influence in the development of your subject area in theory and practice?

-          Research by Gibbs, Wei Pan, Blissmas – offisite

-          Warszawski – The fundamental of offsite

-          Roger – Bruno Richard on the evolution  of industrialisation

-          Kendall and Sarja on Open Building

-          Mustafa Alshawi, Jason, Jack– Readiness, IT, Integration, Constructability and Training (Manubuild)

-          Integration during the design stage and virtual prototyping – Prof. Tizani

9. Which are the three most important papers that relate to your thesis?

-          In term of readiness of organisation is Prof. Mustafa’s book on Readiness IT

-          Book by Gibbs – Prefabrication, Pre-assembly and Standardisation

10. What published work is closest to yours? How is your work different?

-          Several publications describe on the factors such as report by BSRIA, papers by Gibbs, Pan etc. and also paper back in Malaysia Thanoon which looking into the factors.

-          Compilation and analysis of factors plus case studies

-          Perspective of organisation readiness to adopt IBS

11. What do you know about the history of IBS?

-          Industrialisation long way

-          Pyramid, Crystal Place and Eiffel Tower

-          Building after the war

-          Modern method/ offsite and industrialised building system

-          IBS in Malaysia way back in 1960s

-          Pilot project , cost increase but the quality is better

-          Fail to take off due to blind acceptance of European technology with is not suitable with local need and climate condition

-          Re-introduce in 2000s to modernise the industry

-          Issue of foreign workers

-          Has made mandatory for the construction of public building

-          Over 100 manufacturer and 800 registered IBS contractor

12. What are the most recent major developments in your area?

-          The introduction of open system and mass-customisation

-          Merging and linking IBS into the sustainable and green construction

-          Developing automation and robotic construction

-          Training simulation

-          Advance application of IT and Building Information Modelling

13. How did your research questions emerge?

-          Based on previous study in Malaysia and in compilation of literature reviews

-          Limited uptake and reluctant of contractor to embrace IBS is not due to technology

-          Soft issue that underpinned organisation

-          Planning, standardisation, supply chain and capability and capacity

-          Lack guidance for existing contractor to transform as IBS contractor

14. What were the crucial research decisions you made?

-          I’m starting to benchmark the practice in Malaysia and in UK

-          But the scope is too big and the research will not be completed in time

-          So I decide to focus on Malaysian cases at this moment in order to complete my PhD in time

-          In very near future, a comparison study and benchmarking will be undertake

-          Learning best practices

-          Best practice transfer - Malaysia to UK and vice versa

16. Why did you use this research methodology? What did you gain from it?

-          This exploratory study where I need to solve the questions of how and why some contractors are successful in adopting IBS

-          It focuses on contemporary events happening in a real construction setting which is the Malaysian construction industry.

-          Qualitative methods allows for unexpected developments that may arise as part of such research.

-          In- depth strategy of company

-          Selection of the best respondents and companies

-          Further validate with the industry audience in the workshop

-          Meet with many personality, discussion face to face

-          Improve my understanding on the what actual happen in construction organisation

-          Satisfied

17. What were the alternatives to this methodology?

-          Perhaps using quantitative

-          Questionnaire survey

-          From identified CSFs

-          The shortcomings perhaps due to the respondents and type of data

18. What would you have gained by using another approach?

-          Different type of data

-          More generalisation in research

-          Ranking and prioritise the CSFs

-          Still I prefer to use qualitative, since explorative nature of the study

-          Perhaps in the future a combination of both method will further enhance the research

19. How did you deal with the ethical implications of your work?

-          Before I did the research I obtained Ethical clearance from University

-          Inform the respondent earlier on the research on their right etc.

-          Protect secrecy

-          Protect the name of the respondent and name of the company

-          Standard procedure

21. How have you evaluated your work?

-          It a comprehensive study and compilation of cases of IBS contractor in Malaysia

-          I’m satisfied to make to do a cross case analysis

-          I’m satisfied that I manage to develop a transformation model for contractors

-          This model has been validated through industry workshop

22. How do you know that your findings are correct?

-          I make a proper case study procedure according to Yin (2000)

-          I take care of the validity, reliability of the case study

-          In two cases, I conduct a case study with the present of my supervisor to check and advice on the methodology

-          I do it 4 cases, to validate the data and find pattern matching

-          I do a validation of framework with the industry experts.

-          The workshop was attended by both my supervisor to monitor on the method.

23. What are the strongest/weakest parts of your work?

-          The strongest part of my thesis is the compilation of IBS story and data in Malaysia.

-          The comprehensive case study

-          The successful validation workshop attended by 20 experts in this area

-          Recommendations that highlight not only the result from the research but also from my experience as a government official

-          Perhaps the weakest part in term of overall flow and the presentation of the final framework

24. What would have improved your work?

-          Perhaps more details data

-          More validation to framework (Series of workshop/ questionnaires)

-          Test the framework

25. To what extent do your contributions generalise?

-          The cases were selected among the winners of Malaysian construction industry excellence Award (MCIEA)

-          Do represent the best in the industry

-          Four cases in the case study

-          Workshop with the expert in the industry 

26. Who will be most interested in your work?

-          The research will help both the private sector and the government

-          Private sector by having a proper guideline for transformation to IBS

-          Government like my organisation CIDB by knowing factors on creating better, reliable IBS contractor

-          Better policy for contractors – Incentive, tax holiday, training program

-          Researcher on IBS future reference, a lot of research has been conducted in IBS

-          Exploring new areas such as sustainability and green

-          This research will be a foundation to others

27. What is the relevance of your work to other researchers?

-          Literature reviews give a workable definition on IBS

-          Compilation of other terms and classification

-          Complication of the chronology of events on IBS given then a perspective on IBS in Malaysia

-          Platform for better compilation of best practices and technology transfer

-          Platform for benchmarking study

-          Developing benchmarking index based on criteria developed in the thesis

28. What is the relevance of your work to practitioners?

-          The developed model will be used to guide the contractors in transforming to IBS

-          The characteristics of successful IBS will be as guideline for others

-          Based on the success factors, benchmarking index and a training syllabus will be developed

29. Which aspects of your work do you intend to publish – and where?

-          The chronology of event and strategic outlook of IBS in Malaysia

-          Barriers and challenges of IBS implementation in Malaysia

-          Preliminary study on IBS in Malaysia

-          The critical success factors in each category – business, people and process

-          The transformation model

-          Recommendations to IBS implementation in Malaysia

30. Summarise your key findings.

-          The outcome of this research showed that the main problems that are preventing contractors from embracing IBS are rarely purely technical in origin.

-          They are more related to the organisational strategy and soft issues which underpin the capability of the organisation to successfully implement IBS.

-          This led to the fact that IBS is best handled as a holistic process and requires a total synchronisation of construction, manufacturing and design.

-          Factors such as project management, procurement, rationalisation, standardisation, repetition, collaboration, integration, supply chain partnering, planning, skills and training were found to be essential and they need to be carefully considered

31. Which of these findings are the most interesting to you? Why?

-          Findings that the organisation capacity and capability do take part in the implementation of IBS

-          The need for readiness model

-          IBS need right environment and right style of management

-          The importance business strategy to IBS contractors

32. How do your findings relate to literature in your field?

-          Various literature highlight the importance of project management, procurement, rationalisation, standardisation, repetition, collaboration, integration, supply chain partnering

-          Further validate and improve

-          Focus on Malaysian scenario and contractors points of views

-          Contribute to the holistic understanding on IBS

33. What are the contributions to knowledge of your thesis?

-          This research extends the range of existing theories surrounding IBS  implementation issues by compiling critical success factors to IBS

-          This thesis has enhanced understanding of the contractors’ roles and their contribution to overall IBS implementation.

-          Compiled the chronology of adoption, policies, drivers and barriers in Malaysia for future reference.

-          Developed and presented the transformation framework to guide the contractor to shift from conventional construction to IBS.

34. How long-term are these contributions?

-          Support the recommendation under IBS Roadmap 2011-2015

-          Support government policy and implementation

35. What are the main achievements of your research?

-          The development of transformation model

36. What have you learned from the process of doing your PhD?

-          Research process

-          Methodology

-          Case Study

-          Conducting Expert Group Workshop

-          Networking with experts in the UK (Marks Sharp and Nick Whitehouse)

37. What advice would you give to a research student entering this area?
-       Talk to the industry

-       Research that not only benefit academic but contribute to the industry

38. You propose future research. How would you start this?

-       IBS Sustainable – Already received the research grant

-       IBS Contractors and SME contribution – related to this research

-       Compilation of best practices

-       Benchmarking IBS Malaysia- UK

-       Working together with University of Salford (MOU) / Prof. Mustafa

40. What have you done that merits a PhD?

-          Research and the developed framework

-          Method

-          Compilation of literatures

-          Contribution to research ‘

-          Originality

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