Registered IBS System Provider

In order to optimise the benefit of IBS, a project wide strategy on the systems and management involves in it have to agreed and applied at the early stage of the project. Further, it was observed that the construction costs are lower if the manufacturers are allowed to propose the design of the components themselves that best suited to their manufacturing capabilities. Therefore, the registration of manufacturers is necessary to reduce evaluation work during the Tender Evaluation stage. 

The Public Work Department (PWD) has launched “Registered IBS System Provider” scheme. With this two-stage tendering, several manufactures would be asked to submit initial tender at an early stage of the project, based on the outline design produced by PWD’s project design team. 

Particular manufactures would then be chosen at this stage and asked to develop their design and approaches to achieve project deliverables. Effectively this second stage is tendered out based on the first stage tender. According to PWD, this scheme was established to create and capture value towards client’s satisfaction. The implementation of IBS can be sustained by having the best value in construction

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