Open System - Research Proposal

Salam. i think i would like to make a thesis about OBS...any recommendation for the title of OBS?

The one that are the most critical in Open Building System (OBS) is perhaps regarding the issue of suply chain and contract. What contract bound open system?, legal issue? responsibility?. Second, how open is open? open business or open building? Third, standardisation, joint? catalogue? standard component?. May i suggest you to do a compilation on worldwide IBS effort towards OBS. IFD, Manubuild, Japan's Sekesui, Singapore's HDB etc. and provide reccomendation how we in Malaysia can adopt some of thier best practices on OBS to suit local need. If, IBS really take of in the future, OBS is the most imporatant topic of the day because, of mass-customisation and personalisation of housing. Imprortant reading materials on OBS (please google them); Kendall, Hebraken, Manubuild, IFD, Roger Bruno Richard, Davidson, Sami Kazi.

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