Safety Aspect of IBS - From Factory to Site - Research Proposal

My name is Fazila and i would like to know there's any interesting topic on safety in IBS? I'll further my study in PhD, end of this year so i need to submit a proposal. Because of my MSc focused on safety, so i am interested in how the manufacturers handling the goods from factory to site.

Salute to you. Very intresting topic. The topic is unique IBS. I wish you the best. We seem to forget manufacturing part of IBS (handling, logistic and management). Currently, CREAM has one research on safety and IBS in colloborate with UTM. In this research we identify safety variebles on installation of components. Please find in internet papers by Mohamad Arif (Salford) and also from Ahmadun Bakri (UTM). Many thanks and good luck.

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