Modular Coordination (MC) - Reseach Proposal

I am student of TARC currently pursuing Advance Diploma in Building. I have chosen a title relates to IBS precast system, and having some problems during the preparation of questionnaire. I am going to touch a bit about modular coordination but yet i have only a little knowledge of this system. So it will be very much appreciated if sir can share some info regarding modular coordination for example the pros and cons, how is modular coordination going to benefit IBS precast system, etc.

MC is a concept of coordination of dimensions and space where buildings and components are dimensioned and positioned in a basic unit or module known as 1M which is equivalent to 100 mm, as stipulated in MS 1064, and developed in 2000. The use of MC is an important factor in IBS effective application as it completes the industry through quality control and increase of productivity and constructibility.The concept allows standardisation in design and building components. It encourages participation from manufactures and assemblers to enter open system market, thus reducing the price of IBS components. With open system approach, building components could combine in a variety of individual building projects while ensuring the architect freedom in their designsIn essence, MC will facilitate open industrialisation. The concept of MC is based on; The used of modules (basic modules and multi-modules), A reference system to define coordinating spaces and zones for building elements and for the components which form them, Rules for locating building elements within the reference system, Rules for sizing building components in order to determine their work size, Rules for defining preferred sizes for building components and coordinating dimensions for buildingThe proposed enforcement of using MC through Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBL) would encourage open system in IBS. The propose force MC in UBBL is yet to be taken onboard due to readiness of our architect and/or ignorant of them towards change. The issue of MC arose when we convert from British measurement to SI.. instead of 1 yard we use mm. The disadvantage of SI, it is diffcult for manufacturer to produce components based on mm tolerance. can you imagine the length of the beam is 2033 mm? so, it is easier for manufacturer to standardise it into 20M instead. This standardisation make easier for open system where everybody can produce the component based on modular. MC has been introduced in Malaysia since 1986, but has not been widely implemented in the building industry. The main factors limiting the uses of MC in building industries is lack of knowledge on MC concept and it requires precision dimensioning and proper planning.MC may be applied to the design, manufacture and assembly of buildings, its components and installations. It also affects the work positioning and dimensioning during construction. At the work level, MC allows for relative independence in decision making with the common dimensional language. MS 1064 (Guidance to Modular Coordination In Buildings) contains 10 parts and based on the ISO standard that is recognized internationally. You can purchase it from SIRIM Berhad. This is what i can summarise based on my literature reviews. All the best.

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