IBS Perception - Research Proposal

Im Marina bt Rosman and i'm from uitm student in civl engineering..I was surfing through the internet and stumbled upon your very informative blog..Im doing 'The acceptance of IBS in malaysia construction industries' for my final year project.Now,i would like now what ur opinion about this and how far the ibs are acceptance in malaysia consstruction..Other than that i also want to know what the factor of the ibs are accept for the malaysian consruction..i do hope you can reply my email.

I'm glad to hear many student now doing thier research or final year project in the area of IBS. I think that if you want to reasearch on the 'accaptence' you may face the following definitions; Perception, awareness or actual implementation. Which one do you really want to measure? The second question is on the sample; which of thesea are the sample; contractors, architect, public, users, etc etc. You may need to focus on your study of 'acceptance' since each definition/sample produce difrent results (or perhaps the same). Please discuss with your lecturer. My suggestion is it is easier to you (in undergraduate level) to measure the perception of contractors on IBS...how they view IBS, the barriers, challanges and so on...

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