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Hello and good day. As the title suggest, I would like to know more about the comparison between the IBS method and Conventional method in construction. I am understand that IBS method saves time and labour, but how about the cost? I came across few articles in the internet. Mos of them refer IBS is more expensive than conventional method. However, there are opinion that IBS would be cheaper if it is mass produced and with high repeatability. Therefore, I would like to ask for examples of cost comparison between 2 types of method with similar project. For example, building of a high rise apartment using IBS method cost how much and using conventional method will cost how much? It will be a pleasure if Sir can answer me and provide me an exact amount that we can save , by utilizing IBS method over conventional method
Thanks a lot for the clarification and examples. I hope to hear from your reply soon. Thanks a lot and have a good day.

I'm glad to hear that a lot of young researcher now looking into the current issue of IBS and its implementation. First of all, can you furnish me, what reference did say IBS is cheaper than conventional? In Malaysia or oversea? In what matter of comparison,apple vs apple? what volume? type of buildings? complete building? extension? flat? landed property? construction cost only? total cost?.This is so called varibles is very imporatant when you comapre IBS vs. conventional. For examples, in landed property IBS may be expensive as compared to flat. vice versa.. further, IBS is cheaper if you have volume. Of course if you ask SP or Sime... they will definately say IBS is cheaper.. because they can reduce the price, due to the mass volume they have. Another example.. can you comapre apple to apple if all the work done at factory, did you consider the cost to set up factory? Or you might measure/compare it Sqft per Sqft (this is what developer do) without looking into the cost of investment and transport. Cost may vary in project level, organisation level or total cost (client). In which perspective you want to look. My guess (not from emparical data), if you are contractor IBS is expensive but if you are client IBS might on par or cheap expecially if you have volume. IBS is cheaper if you can consider a whole life cyle cost of the building maintenence etc. and if you want the building fast. i.e. commercial type of building you misght save time = money. The fast you complete the building the faster business start. According to some quater, time loss to construction equal to opportunity loss. e.g. Mcdonalds case in the UK (Ogden, 2009). Current research by CIDB Oct 2010(not publish) looking into IBS implmentation in public building shown that the cost of construction increased by 10% to 20% due to increase in quality, suppliers and product customisation. Again this only consder the cost of construction and this is taken on the perspective of constractor. I'm not totally suprise if you say IBS is expesive and then ,your friend in UM (they currently compare cost on IBS project) say IBS is cheap. It depends on the way you looking it. You can not ganeralise everything in term of cost. saying IBS is high cost is not correct as same as saying that IBS is cheap. it depeds on the way you look at it. For conclusion, my 2 cent view is a comparison study can be vary, it based on points of reference and how you look at it (total cost or project cost).

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i hope to know that is ibs cheaper then conventional method and how we can compare between their cost
for example the wall