Labour Issues and IBS - Research Proposal

Good afternoon. I am Ling Sheau Wei, a final year Quantity Surveying student. I'm now doing my thesis topic regarding the foreign labour in Malaysia. Thus, i would like to ask Sir regarding the topic of "Kajian status terkini pekerja asing di tapak binaan 2010" which posted by Sir on 30.9.2010 at your blogspot.

May i know whether this report is published at any published book or website? I hope i can refer some of the information for my thesis. Furthermore, may i know Sir got study any regarding the labour in construction industry? Do you think IBS is useful in reducing the number of labour use? But why the industry failed to achieved the target of only 15% foreign labour available in year 2009 after using IBS? Hope Sir can reply on my inquiries. Sorry for the troublesome caused.

It worth noting IBS is now compulsary in the construction of public building since 2008. So i might guess (no emperical data) taht the accaptance of IBS is around 40-45% now. We introduce IBS because, in previous CIDB's research, Malaysian are reluctant to work on manual jobs at plastering, concreting etc. This trades were dominated by foriegners. However, many malaysian works a skilled workers in eletrical and mechanical jobs. so common sence, the intriduction of IBS will reduce the usage of foriegn workers doing manual jobs since the wet trades are being replace with jobs at manufaturing floor or innovative mould at site. i belive IBS is not a silver bullet to deal with this issues. Holistic way is needed. Policy, training, etc. but at least IBS is working in other coutries to reduce dependency on manual workers. so why not we try. The challages of implementing IBS is another issue to be solve by reseacher and stakeholders.

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