Comparison between IBS and Conventional - Research Proposal

Assalamualaikum, En. Kamarul. Mohd Shahriman, student from UTM, 2nd Semester in Fakulti Alam Bina. I'm having in discussion about the merits and demerits of IBS as compared to the conventional method of construction in term of time, cost, speed of erection, quality and flexibility. I would like to hear from your wide experience about this topic.

Comparison between IBS and conventional is a good topic to show business case of IBS. Many had claimed that IBS is cheaper, build faster etc.etc. without convincing evidences to support thier claim particularly in Malaysian scenario. However, in BEng/MSc degree dessertation, you must select your focus area. I dont think you can cover/comapre all aspect of Project Management in your research. Together with your supervisor you can select to compare on quality or cost or build rate but explore it in depth. You may start your research with definition, current state, benefits and barriers and little bit on subject topic i.e quality and after that start your comparison analysis. To makeyour reaseah practical, you may select on quantify/tangible/measureable parameter like productivity/ build rate/cost etc... rather than tacit measurement such as quality (how can you compare quality?). Please discuss with your supervisor n the methodology, diffrent variable has a diffrent way of measuring and comparing. (i.e. productivity- what to measure etc.) I trust this is helpful. Please keep in touch and all the best in your study.

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