Life Cycle Cost Implementation in IBS Project - Reseach Proposal

Assalamulaikum, I'm from IIUM. I'm doing research on Life cycle cost (LCC). At the moment, I'm studying on LCC in Malaysia context and I found that LCC was used as a strategic approach for Public Private Partnership (PPP), Value Management (VM), Facilities Management and Sustainable Building. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty to obtain data on the application of LCC in the IBS. LCC is a useful tool in predicting total cost for the IBS building over its life span. Could you please advice me where and how I can collect and acquire data on this area? May I know what are your opinions? Thank you in advance for your kindness and support. My contact is fairullazi@yahoo.com. I'm willing to meet you, En. Kamarul and share my findings too.

I believe many researchers and practitioners are fully aware of the benifit of LCC. LCC become topic of the day since the introducion of PPP/PFI under UKAS and our sudden awareness of the issue of Facilities and Asset Management. Even in CREAM and also JKR's JARRI, LCC is become priotise research topic. However, as far as i'm concern, i did not know any project particularly IBS, has or will implement LLC at the momemnt. I'm very keen to know as well. I 'm afraid that you might not come across any project implement LCC in Malaysia as compared to the UK whcih has already implemented PPP/PFI / Value Management for many years. My suggestions are, can you refer, please to UKAS (Unit Kerjasama Awam Swasta) whom incharge PPP/PFI to ask them of any project implementing LCC. Second, please ask value management experts like Dr. Mazlan Che Mat, if he might know any project. As far as i'm aware, every JKR project over 100 million must undergo value management audit (correct me if i'm wrong), perhaps those projects might implement LCC or perhaps in private sector project? SP, SIME etc? Please ask him. Third, could you please politly contact Dr. Gerald Sundaraj at gerald.sundaraj@gmail.com , he is currently doing a PhD in the area of PPP/PFI. In term of research methodology, if you studying LCC, it doesnt mean you have to find LCC cases, you can also measure the readiness, awareness, perspective of current contractor/clients etc regarding variables under LCC. This is much easier for you. I know many PhD researcher who did thier thiesis on new things whcih is not norm to Malaysia but has been widely used overseas like Knowledge Management, Integrated Project Team etc. but the researchers did not find the company which exactly implent those concepts but they measure, frmulate, find and validate the success factors and varieble that can put the concept into practice in Malaysian scenario. This is more benificial to the Malaysian industry. Please again share your finding to us, as i'm very keen on this topic and i also wonder if any of IBS project in Malaysia ever implement LCC. Thank you and all the best.

Dato’ Hj. Zohari Akob
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No. 18, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2,
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