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Dear En. Kamarul,

FYI, currently I'am doing (PhD in UTP-2nd year). My research domain is Malaysian Construction Industry and my research topic "A Trust-Based Dynamic Collaborators Identification Method for Large Scale Industries’ E-Supply Chain Integrator". My research mainly focus on
How to strategically integrate Malaysia Construction Industry components.

Contribution is on the strategy & method utk select business partner cthnya seperti cara nk select/identify supplier. Ini bg tujuan utk integrate the supply chain components. As planned in CIMP, currently CIDB working on the partnership approach, but what i'm looking into is how to integrate the supply chain components using collaboration and find the strategy and method yg sesuai utk integrate them. Because saya percaya partnership can come from collaboration. collaboration also can encounter problem such as trust, limited corporation and promote long term relationship without legal/contractual relationship in industry.The strategy and method can be used as guidelines to future integrator to integrate other components and play role as E-business Supply Chain Integrator (EbSCI) in their industry.

As posted in FB page on 13 Sept, 2010, there is Update on how integration in construction processes can help in IBS implementation. Can i have information regarding the research?

Kalau boleh saya nak tau, ada tak current or previous research yg sedang buat topik yang sama (e-collaboration/supplier selection/identification method/E-supply chain Integration)?

Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Shakirah Aziz


Thank you.

The integration issue is utmost important in supply chain. In IBS, I observed, the supply chain integration is still lacking thus hampered effort to coordinate, synchronise and incorporate manufacturability and constructability into design. This is due to deep seated culture in construction supply chain, monopoly factor and lack of transparency.

Yes, CIDB is looking into partnership/partnering concept. The project is led by Business Development Sector of CIDB under Puan Sariah and his staff. They are looking into supply chain partnering model in the UK and also Hong Kong. I heard (not too sure) they are doing a case study on Wembley stadium in the UK under Skansa Ltd. I strongly recommend you to meet them and perhaps you can politely ask to interview them to get insight on CIDB’s initiatives on partnering and supply chain.

The other recent theory is what I called as anti-partnering movement, maybe you might come across the name of Dean Kashiwagi (please Google him). He is working on supply chain integration. According to him, partnering is too idealistic in construction. CIDB invited him to Malaysia last year. He now engaged by USM under Prof. Abu Hassan Abu Bakar. He is also currently working with local construction player; Brunsfield (please Google this also). This is also worth to be explored.

If you ask me, I had visited several construction companies in Malaysia but one of the best in integrating supply chain and the most advanced is Brunsfield. If you have time and resources, I bet it is useful to conduct a case study in this company. But access is an issue.

Currently we, are working on a research with Prof. Sobri UUM on supply chain (you can check the title of the research at www.cream.com.my). It is ongoing research. Please come and visit us at CREAM, I will try to give you latest project repot. Otherwise, it is good also to contact Prof. Sobri directly (check at UUM website)

IBS researchers, my networking doing research on integration/Sc are Nasrun Nawi (Salford/UUM). Please contact him at mohdnasrun@gmail.com . His research looking into integration design through project briefing. Faridah (UiTM) looking into partnering concept in IBS between supplier/ manufacturer and contractor faridahmh@salam.uitm.edu.my and Ani Saifuza (UiTM) on IBS supply chain. asaswan74@yahoo.com

The thing I posted in FB is a discussion with UMP regarding BIM or Building Information modeling (nD software). This is IT tool to integrate design and other information in IBS. The propose research is still in the beginning. We will meet again on 13 Oct. I will update. I think you can contact directly the above PhD researchers which I assume have more data in term of partnering and supply chain.

I trust this information is helpful. I apologise for my English. I don’t have time to recheck. Meeting at 3 pm with UIA rep.

Please keep in touch and all the best



Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum En Kamarul

My name is Noor Shahmezza. Im a student from UMP. I would like to ask u about IBS since my thesis is about IBS. Can i have your email so we can communicate in a proper way.

Kamarul Anuar Mohamad Kamar said...


♥ღleoztjayღ♥ said...

Assalamualaikum Ir. Dr. Kamarul Anuar. I am Siti Khadijah and a student from University of Malaya.

I am currently conducting a thesis on IBS. I have been reading your blog for years by now.

Can I email Dr. so that it will be easier for me getting information on IBS for someone I believe that has vast information on IBS in Malaysia.

Best regard and thank you.

Kamarul Anuar Mohamad Kamar said...

I prefer if you can call me or visit to my office... 0126535586