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Ipemu Matthew

Im an undergraduate of Yaba college of technology Lagos-Nigeria

haven read work on IBS implementation and others, it became my interest to choose IBS as my project title which I put as 'evaluation of the impact of project management in the delivery of industrialized buildings'

the problems I encountered in the course of the study,while reviewing literature, was that I couldn't find an authority's opinion that relate project management techniques to industrialized building system. honestly I don't know what to do, how to continue etc

I will be needing your help in order to go through this, please

hope to hear from you soon

Dear Mr. Matthew.

Thanks for your email. I trust you get my email from my blog.

To answer your question. I am not aware of any literature on authority's point of view on IBS project management.

In Malaysia, there is still no specific guideline on IBS project management developed by the government.

But IBS maybe exist in a very different form and term. In Singapore for example, the authority may highlight the importance of constructability in the form of precast and the way they manage it. In the UK, they may call it Modern Method of Construction etc. etc. perhaps you may broader your search on this. You may also search authority's point of view on the more generic terms like constructability and integration.

From my case studies conducted here in Malaysia and in the UK. The project management method is likely to be the same with conventional. The industry is perceived that IBS is just replacing the brick and mortar with precast solution, but it actually very different. IBS requires total synchronisation of construction process including integration in design and advanced planning to improve constructability.

The research in IBS is still in infancy stage, even the term is not standardised and ill defined. I believe that, we as a researcher should highlight more in the aspect project management in IBS. Construction industrialisation has a long way to go.

Sincerely apologise that i am not able to help you on this.

All the best in your study


Thanks a million

let me use this medium to shear my experience with u at our recently concluded mini-defense dated August 5th,2010.

I present the topic thus: IBS is not a familiar construction method in Nigeria and that very few construction firms use this method for example HFP. Although some big and well known firms like Julius Berger, G.Cappa, GLTA etc have the capacity to fully adopt this method..but fail to use this method because they believe their client are not familiar with it, so why should they use it.

the other thing I said that I could not defend or explain comprehensively, under problem area was that of IBS constraint in terms of cost, time and scope.

At the close of the event I was advised to include in my dissertation, how the non involvement of project management method could affect Industrialized building project,

Presently, I intend to look at project management concept and and see any likely link with IBS, prefabrication, modular construction, off site construction. I was able to touch something on Chris Hendrickson's work/book,( Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh-http://pmbook.ce.cmu.edu/).

I still hope to hear more of your advise on this area of study. Thanks for even erring me out in the first place, and a powerful reply thereafter.

thanks a million

Salam En. Kamarul,

I'm a student of UiTM doing my master in Construction Management. i stumble upon your blog while googling potential topics for my thesis. Actually what i have in mind is something related to green building and IBS as i thought it is quite popular issues now.
then i came across about the potential of integrating these two. Can you help me sort out how to actually do the research methodology because i'm kind of lost there? i havent had the time to discuss this with my lecturer yet as this is just an initial idea.

Hope that you can lend a hand on this.

Thank You.

Salam Afifah,

Thank you for your email. I wrote many time potential themes and titles in my blog and facebook. You may revisit those. It was based on CIDB's workshop together with the industry and yes green building is a popular issue nowadays.

Attached herwith the slides presentation on CIDB's recent workshop regarding IBS and Sustainability. You may look at it and try to understand the issues.

My innitial suggestion is to do a priliminary study using interview method. You can interview pratitioners and professional in construction regarding sustainability and its potential application in IBS. This is imporatant due to exploratory charecteristic of this study. This interview is guided by the draft framework (variables) identifed from the literature.

The data from priliminary research is tested using questionnaire/ case study with the industry at large.

I trust this is helpful and wish you all the best.


sy suhaila..final year students bachelor of quantity surveying in UTM skudai..i'm currently preparing my thesis on 'the usage of IBS and its effect t0 building services',s0 i want to ask your opinion about it..any general opinion..is it ok for my thesis or anything..thank you..;)..


IBS need to be plan ahead interm of design and constructability. all the services location must be determine during the design stage. designer/contractor should introduce design freeze to mitigate any changes during manufacturing and construction. The best practices in IBS and building service is to preassemble it at the factory. It will reduce onsite work and improve quality. However, one might be aware of the difficulties on logistics and also technology and ivestmnet occured to implement preassembly.


saya nur rashida ahmad,pelajar jurusan ukur bahan dari UiTM shah alam..
saya nk mntak pndpt dan bertanya dari pihak tuan..
saya nak wat tjuk tesis ttg ibs tapi sy xbpe tahu ttg current issue and new technology of the IBS..
then, saya nk mntak kerjasama dari pihak tuan...
sekian terima kasih


Penyelidikan IBS masih baru dan masih banyak area yang boleh diterokai. Untuk thesis, perlu juga diambil kira proses kutipan data dan sebagainya. Current issue IBS as follows:

1. IBS and Sustainability and Green Construction
2. SWOT analysis - IBS roles under the Malaysian New Economic Model/ RMK 10
3. SWOT analysis on New IBS Roadmap 2011-2015
4. Issue of integration in IBS
5. IBS and the level of industrialisation
6. Measuring client perspective on IBS (easy yet no specific research on this)
7. CSFs on IBS project
8. CSFs on IBS contractor
9. CSFs on IBS consultant firm
10. Comperative study - Cost, performance and productivity
11. Issue of standardisation on IBS
12. IBS and PPP and PFI

Kindly discuss this with your supervisor. All the best.


saya nur syuraya..
saya pelajar dlm jurusan diploma teknologi sistem termaju di kolej kemahiran tinggi MARA sri gading batu pahat..
jurusan saya adlah berkaitan dengan sistem ibs...
sekarang ni tgh mencari tmpt praktikal di sekitar kuala lumpur dan negeri sembilan..
agak sukar bg saya nak cari tmpt prktikal yang ada menggunakan sistem ibs..
boleh tak sekiranya encik bagi saya cadangan or nama company yg ade menggunakan sistem ibs.
saya mengharap sangat pertolongan encik..
sekian terima kasih.


1. He-con Sdn. Bhd 603 - 3323 3993 (bercakap dengan Cik Eirdani Aini) No.23 (2nd Floor), Jalan Seri Sarawak 20B/KS2,
Taman Seri Andalas, 41200 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

2. Global Globe Sdn. Bhd. 603 - 4147 6602 (bercakap dengan En. Alphosus Alban)
No.341 B&C, Lorong Sarawak,
Taman Melawati Urban 1, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Please contact the above and send them application letter and CV.

If you are intrested in IBS research. You can also attach with me at CIDB. No site experience but work related to IBS R&D. Please send me CV and application letter.

I trust this is helpful.


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