Email Conversation on IBS (Compilation)

Compilation of my email conversation on IBS. Extracted from my email.

Bolehkah saudara memberikan sedikit pandangan mengenai Malaysian construction industry sewaktu kegawatan ekonomi dari tahun 1997 - 1998. Apakah langkah-lagkah yang telah dilakukan oleh kerajaan untuk membantu industi pembinaan

MSc Candidate


Saya memohon maaf kerana tidak mempunyai data dan juga maklumat mengenai langkah2 kerajaan dan cidb untuk membantu industri pembinaan sewaktu post- Asean Financial crisis 1998.

Setahu saya, maklumat yg ada pada cidb adalah kebanyakkanya post-2000 dan beteraskan CIMP 2006-2015. Bidang penyelidikan saya juga fokus terhadap isu IBS post-2000. Biasanya research akan menggunakan dan mengumpulkan maklumat sehingga 5-7 tahun lepas sahaja. Sebarang research yang melihat 10 tahun kebelakang adalah berkemungkinan tergolong dalam "historical research" yang munkin boleh menggunakan khidmat historical archive iaitu dgn merujuk kepada keratan-keratan akhbar di perpustakaan dsb. Dengan kata lainya, saya tidak mempunyai kepakaran dan makluman untuk membantu saudara.

Walaubagaimanapun, saya amat tertarik dengan research ini. Kerana krisis economi datang dan pergi mengikut pola "economic-cycle". Industri pembinaan perlu bersedia untuk krisis ekonomi yang akan datang, kata pepatah "Dont waste a good crisis". Saya berminat untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut hasil penyelidikan ini. Cadagan saya, saudara juga boleh merujuk kepada data2 dari luar negara seperti UK. Saudara boleh google "rethinking Egan review" di UK untuk reseaarch bagaimana construction industy di UK keluar dari krisis ekonomi 2008. Sekali lagi mohon maaf dan selamat maju jaya

CIDB Malaysia

22 June 2010

assalammualaikum...my name nadzirah, i'm studied at uitm, construction management course... i want make reseach about IBS as my dissertation... i want researh the implemention IBS system in Malaysia, but i do not know what the best and new issue related to Implemention IBS in Malaysia...i hope u can help me to find the issue to my reseach...can u give me the new issue about implemention IBS?

Dear Nadzirah

Thank you for your email. Glad to hear from you. IBS current issues which are worth to be researched by your goodself and other researchers:

- IBS supply demand- measuring demand on IBS based on RMK-10 and current manufacturing capability to undertake IBS project
-IBS is sustainability? - to investigate the potential of IBS in green technologies and sustainable development isssue
-Role of IBS in GBI - Some as above (GBI is Green Building Index)
-IBS and New Economic Model for Malaysia - To study the effect, potential (SWAT analysis) on IBS based on recently annonced New Economic Model
-Innovation and IBS - To link the concept of innovation and IBS which will solve the problem on adoption
-IBS and level of industrialisation - To study the level of industrialisation which involve IBS. To measure readiness of adopters
-The role of standardisation in IBS
-Aspect of integration between design, manufacturing and construction
-Modular IBS - Compilation of International Best Practices
-IBS and PFI/PPP mode
-IBS and LLC (Life Cycle Costing)
-Open system in IBS: Reality and Myth??
-Automaton, Robotics and Reproduction - Compilation of International Best Practices

Please download CIB report TG57 to understand latest developmnet (what happen in the world) on IBS. http://www.cibworld.nl/site/home/index.html.I hope this will help you. Reseacher must also consider supervisor intrest and ease to collect data from large sampling. Please discuss with supervisor


18 June 2010

Salam En Kamarul,

Saya Linda, PhD candidate dari RMIT University yang pernah datang melawat CREAM pada April lalu bersama Dr Malik Khalfan.

Saya ingin bertanyakan beberapa perkara kepada En Kamarul berkenaan research sy. After I had discussion with my primary supervisor, Dr Nick Blismas, we agreed that the topic that I will be doing for my research is related to "Risk management based on project life cycle for IBS construction" - sort of like that. The case study will be in Malaysia, of course. However, I would like to confirm with you whether 1) is it possible to do this topic based on IBS context; and 2) is there is any Malaysian researcher who has done this topic in Malaysia? I'm really concern with this matter because I'm worried of duplication (like the last time when I came to Malaysia, Ani is doing supply chain management, and I was advised not to do in the same topic).

I guess that's all for now. I hope you can help me and your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Nor Haslinda Abas
School of Property, Construction and Project Management
RMIT Uiversity

Salam Linda

IBS industry is in infancy stage in Malaysia where there is lacks of designated IBS risk measurement/plan/mitigation which tailor-made into IBS life cycle. Based on previous CIDB's research, the adopters used the same approach on risk like any conventional projects such as outsourcing, risk planning etc. You may study industry perception, identify the risks involved in IBS process and propose the risk management framework that specifically tailored to IBS industry as per say. I can see it as a very good topic but in data collection, you must be very toughtfull since 'IBS risk' is relatively new term in Msia as one might difficult to differ it from what they had done in conventional.

Attached herewith paper on related to risk and IBS by UPM professors/lecturers. I can't recall any other research looking into correlating risk issue with IBS life cycle in Malaysia. But could you please email with the researchers at UPM and ask them. Please google UPM under HRC (Housing Research Centre)

My personal (peer to peer / PhD candidate to PhD candidate) advice is to follow supervisor plan/topic/agenda accordingly and to be less worried about the duplication thing. As the research evolves, you will eventually become focus into tiny particular research area which might differ from the rest. Please discuss this with Dr. Blismass. TQ.


24 March 2010


thanks for the attachment..

for my final year project, i already done on proposal to proceed with next semester final project. next 2 weeks maybe my presentation and hope everything ok.
now i need to prepare for questionnaire to get my input so i need En. Kamarul suggestion or any opinion on what kind of question should i ask for my respondent on 'Effectiveness of Minimising Waste in IBS Project'. in my mind, i will ask about causes of construction waste generated ( from design, operation, materials handling), ask about waste minimisation practice ( source reduction, recycle) and maybe about benefit of waste minimisation. i will proceed my questionnaire during my practical training (may-july 2010). if possible, i hope En. Kamarul can help me about this...


Dear Azmi,

Its difficult to discuss this through email. Could you come to my office, let say next week. We can discuss your questions and you can refer to our research in waste minimisation on IBS progress reports and documents.


25 February 2010

Dear Kamarul,

This is Tian from Environmental Resources Management, an environmental consultancy company.

I am currently conducting some surveys on Malaysian green procurement initiatives for Japanese government who hopes to organise a share-knowledge seminar in Asia-Pacific region. The survey is to understand the implementation trends of CFP, Environmental Labels and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Malaysia. Therefore, I would like to enquire if CIBD is currently or going to undertake/practice/implement any such green procurement initiatives for any construction products/policies or already existing in any of CIBD operations/services as part of CIBD own requirements. Surveyed questions include:

What is purpose of implementing such green procurement initiatives ie. carbon footprint/ LCA for construction materials such as cement?
What are the difficulties implementing such initiatives?
What is the likely trend for the construction industry in terms of meeting such green initiatives in which CIBD will look into in order to be prepared?
Appreciate also if you could advice (if you are aware) of any private and public companies or other organisation who has undertaken or going to implement any of these mentioned green procurement initiatives in Malaysia.

Very much looking forward to your reply as soon as possible as I need to gather this information by end of today. I shall give you a call later in the afternoon if that is OK.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Sheau Tyun (Tian), Tai
Project Consultant, ERM

Dear Ms Sheau Tyun Tai,

First of all, i must say sorry for late respond to your enquiries.

The application of green procurement in Malaysia is still at infant stage. We might need to obtain further data and information regarding this issue before we can say anything (trend, difficulties etc). What i can say at this moment is the CIDB (not CIBD as mentioned in your email before) is very committed on the issue of green and sustainable construction. This is in line with what is stipulated under the Malaysian Const. Industry Master Plan (CIMP 2006-2015) and recently launched Green Building Initiatives (GBI) led by PAM and ACEM. In fact couple weeks ago, we had a meeting with industry stakeholders discussed at length about the direction towards green in construction. But the industry opined that, they wanted to CIDB to take a lead in bringing up further the issue of green in construction in national arena.

The meeting had decided to come out with roles and function for every parties and also to chart the framework of green construction first and the task has given to Malaysian Architect Institute (PAM) to define the roles and gap on green issues in Malaysia and they required to come out with the report on that. We need to collaborate also with Ministry of energy, green technology and water in this agenda as that ministry had initiated move. Before we can develop green procurement, the industry, first, must map-out the roles and responsibility of ministry, agency and professional bodies involve in the whole implementation process. Therefore CIDB in particular together with CREAM is going to develop eco-branding and eco-labelling and testing facilities for green material and of course promotion to the industry, we focus on that.We had such facility on the structural testing especially on IBS and other components to make things move forward. But again, cooperation and sharing of information among stakeholders are crucial to bring further green in procurement. Perhaps the green procurement agenda could be worked out with lead association such as Instution of Surveyors Malaysia and Board of QS Malaysia as they are the group who champion this issue.

I do hope we could answer you question..

Thank you very much.


22 February 2010


My name is Nazeef and I'm a second semester student in the Construction Management (Hons) Degree program at UiTM Shah Alam. I was surfing through the internet and stumbled upon your very informative blog. Currently, I'm searching for a dissertation topic and I found that IBS is a good choice for me to research and study. I came across a excerpt of a research paper in your blog regarding the potential of IBS and Green Building. This really caught my eye and I find it a really interesting subject matter. I would like to ask, what is the future of IBS in terms of instilling the sustainable development in Malaysia and how would IBS system contribute towards this matter? Im still green regarding the system, its elements and also contribution of this system. I really hope that you can help me enlighten me regarding this topic. Thank You.

Muhammad Nazeef bin Muhamad Nor (2009897636)
Department of Building,
Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying,


Absolutely. The issue of sustainable and green construction is one of the buzzword today. In Ministry of Works, efforts is taken on board by JKR, CIDB with the support of professional bodies. Only last week the ministry through CIDB (chaired by Tan Sri Jamilus) has conducted a meeting with the industry captains and bodies to chart up a framework on sustainability and green building. As the time we are spoken now, JKR is conducting a national workshop on this issue. CREAM has been appointed to for testing eco-labelling on construction products.

As such, research in these issue is most welcome by CIDB. How to relate with IBS? In the UK, the government has set a target of zero carbon home by 2016 and offsite or IBS has been used or promoted as a solution to arcieve this target in term of air tightness etc. As GBI is important and pratical measure developed to embrace green building. Let we focus on that issue. My suggestion of your flow could be like this

-Are we ready? discussion on readiness of the industry to embrace in green building
-Comparison and discussion of GBI with other Index LEED, Green Star, BREEM etc. etc.
-In GBI, focus on material issue; study the characteristics, the point system, how we can score GBI by implementing IBS, as IBS can be produce by efficient production in factory
-Some literature and current application of IBS. What type of IBS can suit GBI (material).
-Case study and Questionnaire on the application of GBI. (if any).. what type of material or component is used? Can we improve that score by use of IBS??

I hope these points are helpful to you. Please forward this email to your supervisor and discuss with him on the possibility of this topic to your research.

Thank you


19 February 2010


Saya Siti Zaleha, pelajar jurusan pengurusan pembinaan dari UiTM Shah Alam memilih tajuk "A Study on Waste Reduction on Construction site Adopting IBS" untuk kajian. (Thesis)

Oleh yang demikian, saya sangat berbesar hati sekiranya encik dapat berkongsi sedikit maklumat mengenai tajuk saya untuk saya muatkan didalam thesis tersebut.

Bersama dengan e-mail ini ada saya sertakan dengan soalan kaji selidik.

Sekian, terima kasih...


Attached herewith partly completed questionnaire

Good news! Your topic is one of CREAM ongoing R&D but the data mainly captured by Lestari UKM. May i suggest you the followings:

-You can check at CREAM website www.cream.com.my. A few publications on IBS and waste management
-You can come and visit CREAM on Wednesday or Friday this week to refer on some information regarding the subject
-You can contact and make appoinment to see Dr. Joy Periera from Lestari UKM. Tell her that you get her name from CREAM and try to get as much information as you can from Lestari's research (the best option)

Ganeral opinion on you topic. Basicly, based on data captured by Lestari's team in Putrajaya Project, the waste contributed by IBS is very minimal at site (pre-cast), with the use of component cast in factory, the waste at site are mainly a debris of cement etc. The comparison has been made by the team with conventional construction. They found substantial amount of waste reduction in the form of wood formwork. Please verify this information with Lestari UKM

The ganeral information on IBS you can refer to my blog.

I would suggest you to add the issue of sustainability, GBI and green construction in your discussion (waste reduction may perhaps a part of these) and how IBS can contribute to the fullfillment of these agenda.

Thank you


22 January 2010


I am a final year student of UM from the Quantity Surveying department, and i'm currently doing my dissertation on IBS (Implementation of IBS in Malaysia: Barriers and Readiness). I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions regarding IBS to enhance my research? I was looking for IBS articles and journals online when i found your blog and i find it most helpful. I would appreciate your help if you have the time to answer a few questions. Thank you very much.

Hannah Azmir

6 Januray 2010

Hello Kamarul,
Im Andy from Sarawak. Im 3rd year student in UNIMAS and taking Degree in Civil Engineer.
I love to read your journal in your blog about the IBS. Now im study IBS.
I want to know what is the effect of the IBS to the engineer? is there any job or work for them if Malaysia fully use IBS?

that all
thank you

Hi Andy,

First of all thanks for visiting my humble blog and also your intrest in IBS.

IBS is about moving some effort away from construction site to manufacturing floor. IBS requires coordination of process, synchronisation and pre-planning. According to some literature and CIDB's workshop, IBS engineer need to equip themselves not only with fundamental and orthodox engineering knowledge but also ability to manage different trade, good communication and to lead others. Engineer need to have better understanding on manufacturing process and also technical issues which are sensitive to IBS such as leaking issues, joint etc. etc.

If Malaysia fully use IBS, its is actually better prospect for Engineer, it revoke our fundamental believe that Eng. particularly worked in 3D environment (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult). Future Eng in IBS will also inculcate with the issue of sustainability, green construction etc. etc. It is a false perception, that Eng will be replace with others if IBS is implemented butEng IBS in the future must be able to equip themselves with new knowledge!

I hope it help your research.


22 May 2009


Saya Khairul Anuar Bakhtiar, pelajar tahun pertama PhD dari The Hong Kong Polytechnic. Saya buat tajuk Sustainable Construction, dan masih mencari2 focus yang sesuai. Saya berminat juga dengan tajuk proposal PhD saudara. Saya berminat dengan tajuk Prefabrication, dan ingin bertanya, apakah bezanya Prefabrication dengan IBS? Sekian...terima kasih

TU 521, BRE Department, FCLU, HKPU
-Tutor QS, Fakulti Alam Bina, UTM Skudai


Terima kasih. Secara amnya IBS, OSM, MMC is not well defined. Boundry dan limitatinya masih kabur dan sering diguna pakai secara bersama (tanpa mengira perbezaan term). Ianya boleh didifinasikan dari sudut philosophy, approach atau method. Saya baru bercadang2 nak buat paper pasal ni.

Prefabrication banyak digunakan dalam literature Alaistair Gibb (sila rujuk), PPMOF- prefabrication, preassembly and modular and off-site pre-fabrication digunakan term yg digunakan di US oleh Dr. Haass (Texas)

IBS ialah term yg digunakan di Malaysia di propori oleh Prof. Abang (UPM), Trikha, Thanon (sila rujuk) dan berikutnya oleh CIDB. Asalnya ialah dari paper Bruno Richad dan Warzawski

Fahaman saya, dari segi idealogi tak ada beza. Lainlah kalau saudara nak mengkaji secara philosophy dan etylogy. Saya menggunakan IBS sbb nak kaitkan dengan isu di Malaysia, Di Malaysia IBS telah establish so buat apa kita nak promotekan term baru.

Beza IBS dan prefabrication (mungkin) - sila rujuk literatiure:

-IBS termasuk sekali teknologi on-site (pre-fab pun yg on-site tetapi selalunya ia lebih pro kepada offsite construction)
-Definasi pre-fab terhad kepada method of construction sahaja, tetapi IBS lebih meluas dan merangkumi isu-isu lain seperti modular coordination (MC), open building system dsb. jadi di Malaysia, governemnt lebih nak promote mcm ni dari promote method sahaja. jadi saya ikut benda yg dah established di malaysia.
-Ada scholars yg menyatakan IBS itu process dan pre-fab itu method (perlu rujukan lagi)

Cadangan saya, saudara rujuk paper Gibb dan Issac (2003) yg ada cerita pasal pre-fab dan classificasion. Bagi IBS boleh sahaja rujuk IBS Roadmap (CIDB, 2003). Dalam blog saya bahagian kiri ada publication ARCOM (draft) mungkin boleh membantu


8 October 2009


Semalam saya berborak dgn kawan di Malaysia, dia "Zairul" pensyarah di UPM maklumkan pada saya tentang Tuan. Kebetulan saya pun buat PhD di Reading tentang topik IBS. Jadi apa perkembangan kajian Tuan? Dah sampai tahap mana? Saya buat kajian tentang construction innovation, dan ambil IBS sebagai bahan untuk kajian.



Terima kasih atas email tuan. saya baru masuk tahun 3. alhamdullilah sudah masuk kutipan data. sudah selesai 3 company di UK iaitu Taywood, Corus dan Terrapin. Yg akan datang mungkin Key-housing.

Buat masa ini saya di malaysia. Terpaksa kembali bertugas di cidb sbb kekurangan kakitangan. cuti sabatikal hanya sehingga ogos lepas. Semalam saya telah jalankan kes study di UEM Builders dan mungkin yg akan datang di Ahmad Zaki dan Global globe.

Anyway, tajuk kajian, benchmarking ibs best practices dan critical success factors

Mungkin tuan boleh ceritakan serba sedikit ttg phd tuan dan mungkin kita boleh cari jalan untuk berkongsi maklumat dan sebagainya. saya ingat kita perlu buat networking juga untuk ibs related research.

Kalau tuan di Malaysia dalam bulan November, saya boleh jemput ke bengkel Ibs pada 2 Nov. Terima kasih.


12 August 2009


I came across your blog, and I thought I could send you an email about your work and your research. I find it very interesting, especially knowing that u are doing a research on construction best practices. Anyway, I hope in future maybe we can exchange thoughts or anything since we are in the same boat :P. Good luck and all the best!

p/s: Since you're with CREAM, I think maybe u know Khairolden, and he is a friend of mine :))



Nurhidayah Azmy
Dept of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering,
136 Town Engineering,
Iowa State University,
Ames, IA 50010


Thank you for visiting my blog. No problem, i would be very good if we can share our tought and information regarding the research. Mr. Khairolden is working at CREAM. He is very nice and hardworking collogue of mine. He will continue his PhD maybe next year. Insyalllah.Keep in touch and all the best. Please let me know if you need any information regarding construction both in UK and Malaysia.


19 August 2009

Assalamualaikum sahabat,
Saya adalah Riduan dan merupakan pensyarah di UTHM. Buat masa ini, sedang melanjutkan pengajian PhD di QUT, Australia. Tajuk kajian saya adalah berkaitan dengan IBS tetapi lebih fokus kepada elemen sustainable. Setelah commenced study selama 1 bulan, saya dapati sumber bahan mengenai IBS agak terhad. Sebenarnya baru lepas meeting ngan Supervisor dan kena bantai teruk.hehehe. xpe.Dugaan.

Saya banyak dapati kertas pembentangan sahabat dan ia amat berguna untuk kajian saya. Sya berharap kita dapat bertukar-tukar pandangan dan bahan mengenai IBS. Sahabat ada cadangan x?

Saya hulurkan salam persahabatan dan semoga kita berdua berjaya menamtkan pengajian PhD. InsyaALLAH.

Terima kasih.



Terima kasih En. Yunus. Saya tidah mempunyai halangan untuk bertukar2 fikiran dan maklumat. Saya akan kembali bertugas di CIDB Isnin depan, jika perlukan maklumat IBS, yg termampu saya boleh usahakan. Cadangan saya mungkin En.Yunus boleh gunakan keyword lain dari IBS spt... offsite, offsite construction, preassembley and prefabrication, offsite manufacturing etc.. dan keyword nama seperti alistair gibb, wei pann, nick blimass (australia), goodier etc. diharap membantu.

Saya ada kenalan pensyarah di RMIT. Dia rapat dgn pakar offsite construction di Australia, Dr. Nick Blismass (mungkin En.Yunus terjumpa di dalam literature offsite manufacturing). Saya ada jemput Nick ke KL bulan November untuk persidangan CIDB... saya akan update kemudian perbincangan kami dan mungkin kalau dapat alamat email Nick saya akan kirimkan pada En, Yunus.


8th July 2009

Dear Nick,

I hope you are well.

I have a good conversation with you last month. You are very helpful last time and your knowledge on offsite construction is very comprehensive.

After analyzing the interview data, I found some information about Terrapin are still lacking. I know you are very busy but I wonder if you could put me in touch with either project manager or engineer in Terrapin to answer my short questions on Terrapin’s operation. The respond from other source of data is critical to establish data triangulation and chain of evidence.

I think if it is easier if they can respond to my questions via email. Thank you in advance. Your help and assistant is always appreciated

University of Salford

The questions are as follows:

How important planning and scheduling to manage the process sequences from manufacturing floor to assembly?

How important are coordination and working collaboration with clients, architects, engineers and sub-contractors to ensure smooth operation?

Can you explain why communication and information flow is so important to offsite?

Dear Kamarul,
I trust your research is progressing well.
The answers to your questions are as follows:
This is an important step in the process and an experienced Forman/planner undertakes this role liaising with the production manager. It has to fit in with the overall project plan/design/purchasing and site delivery. Bringing everything together just in time and in a balanced sequence to ensure efficiency and smooth flow through the factory is a valuable skill.
This is again important. The easiest part is generally working with the sub contractors a there is control and familiarity in the relationship. The engineering element is usually straight forward. Architects and Clients vary in their involvement and requirements which makes collaboration with them a critical relationship to the success of a project.
Yes. Unlike traditional construction decisions cannot be left to late in the process such as relying on tradesmen to resolve design details on site or allowing late change to design. All the information needs to reach the effected part of the process in a timely and complete fashion or there can be an expensive waste of resources. Thus effective and clear communication is an essential part of the process to a predetermined discipline.

I trust this helps.
Nick Whitehouse.UK


sooela said...

sy suhaila..final year students bachelor of quantity surveying in UTM skudai..i'm currently preparing my thesis on 'the usage of IBS and its effect t0 building services',s0 i want to ask your opinion about it..any general opinion..is it ok for my thesis or anything..thank you..;)..

Kamarul Anuar Mohamad Kamar said...


IBS need to be plan ahead interm of design and constructability. all the services location must be determine during the design stage. designer/contractor should introduce design freeze to mitigate any changes during manufacturing and construction. The best practices in IBS and building service is to preassemble it at the factory. It will reduce onsite work and improve quality. However, one might be aware of the difficulties on logistics and also technology and ivestmnet occured to implement preassembly. Please leave your email or email me to continue this discusion. I trust this is helpful and wish you all the best in your research

Fairul said...

Assalamulaikum, I'm from IIUM. I'm doing research on Life cycle cost (LCC). At the moment, I'm studying on LCC in Malaysia context and I found that LCC was used as a strategic approach for Public Private Partnership (PPP), Value Management (VM), Facilities Management and Sustainable Building. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty to obtain data on the application of LCC in the IBS. LCC is a useful tool in predicting total cost for the IBS building over its life span. Could you please advice me where and how I can collect and acquire data on this area? May I know what are your opinions? Thank you in advance for your kindness and support. My contact is fairullazi@yahoo.com. I'm willing to meet you, En. Kamarul and share my findings too.

Anonymous said...

Salam..saya Aslan..
and i'm doing research on effectiveness of IBS implementation increase the local participation in construction Sector, i nak tau bagaimana IBS dapat menarik local workforce untuk kerja dalam industri pembinaan kita?Is 3D syndromes (diffucult, danger and dirty) the main factors local workforce not interested to work in this sector?
thank you so much.
and if you have any suggestions, i hope you can share with me.