IBS Worldwide - Internal Evaluation Report: Part 2

(Kamar, K. A. M (2010), The Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of IBS: A Case Study of Malaysia, Internal Evaluation Exam, University of Salford, Unpublished Report)

1. The construction industry in some countries has become less labour-intensive with greater mechanisation and the use of pre-fabrication.

2. In the UK, Latham and Egan report emphasised on the advantages of standardisation and preassembly and stressed the importance of modular and industrialised systems to improve construction performance (Latham, 1994) (Constructing Excellence, 1998).

3. In impetus of Egan and Latham, the Modern Method of Construction (MMC) and offsite construction were used to address the under supply, skills shortage and poor build quality of housing. Offsite and prefabricated construction is a preferred mode of construction of hospital, military accommodation, hostel and prison.

4. In Finland, housing made up in a factory represented 70% of total building construction. It offers effective and rapid site assembly and improving the quality and productivity of construction (Sarja, 1998).

5. Japanese housebuilding industry has developed the most advance manufacturing techniques in construction. The automation and robotic applied in both manufacturing floor and onsite construction for better quality, minimum onsite duration and better value for customer (Gibb, 2001).

6. Industrialised construction in housebuilding industry in Germany has improved the quality and provided a better value to buildings with considerable variety and flexibility in design. It also helped the developers to overcome strict standard of quality control imposed by local authorities in their building industry (DTI, 2004).

7. Singapore through the Housing Development Board (HDB) has produced advanced prefabricated components and systems for quality housing since 1980s. It proved successful in term of quality and speed of construction.

8. These successful implementations encouraged developing countries to emulate the footsteps of industrialisation in construction industry.

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