Early Assemble of the Project Team in IBS

(Please make proper citation - Kamar, K. A. M (2010), The Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of IBS: A Case Study of Malaysia, Internal Evaluation Exam, University of Salford, Unpublished Report)

1. The IBS specialist should be involved during the design stages, working with the designers to ensure that the design was not taken to a stage where it restricts the benefits that can be brought through the use of IBS (Pan et al., 2008; Blismas, 2007; Sanderson, 2003 and Gibb, 2001).

2. The complexity of the right process and critical schedule requires project team to be assembled right from the start, so that the whole sequence of construction process can be pre-planned (Goodier and Gibb, 2007). The case study respondents gave the following responds:

“It is good to have qualified or established team at the beginning of the project. Collaboration and sharing of knowledge will speed up the knowledge transfer”

“We identify and assemble our team from the beginning, we gathered designers, manufacturer and construction team at the beginning to plan and contribute their expertise”

3. Obtaining manufacturing input at an early stage of the project is essential to IBS design. It is vital for adopters to involve the project team in project decision making and design as early as possible to ensure their input on the issue of manufacturing, design harmonisation and constructability are captured (Pan et al., 2008). The case study respondents highlighted the followings:

“If in early stage-planning, coordination is highly important. Our team doing the planning and coordination is always struggle at the beginning of the project, input from M&E, manufacturing and project team is vital. If we do not coordinate from the early stage, the building information will be scattered which might arise problem at site. It cost us time and money to cope with the problem”

“At early stage, the construction team, designer and manufacturer and even architect should seat together and discuss. Input from the project team is critical. This is to ensure smooth project sequences and error free manufacturing and construction”

“In hospital project, installation of M&E services is a critical task for us. To incorporate M&E services in IBS panels requires proper planning in design and early input from manufacturing and M&E professionals. They become a part of our design team”

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