Visit to Housing Research Centre (HRC), UPM and Discussion with Prof. Ir. Abang Abdullah Abang Ali

Time: 10 am - 12.30 noon
Venue: HRC, UPM

Prof. Ir. Abang Abdullah Abang Ali brief introduction - Born in Kuching, Sarawak and happily married with 6 children, Professor Abang Abdullah Abang Ali, President, Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC), President, Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (mSET) and immediate Past President, the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) started his schooling years in Sarawak. After finishing his Fifth Form at SMK Green Road and Sixth Form at St. Thomas’s Secondary School in Kuching, he then proceeded to the United Kingdom to do Civil Engineering at Brighton and Structural Engineering at Manchester.

On his return in January 1976, he joined Universiti Putra Malaysia, as a lecturer in Structural Engineering. In 1981, he was appointed Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering and then Dean in 1982. His research work focused on construction materials, affordable quality housing and industrialized building systems. Prof. Abang Abdullah was promoted to the post of Professor of Civil Engineering in 1987. Apart from contributing as Dean and Professor, he was the founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) and Housing Research Centre (HRC) in the university. To date he has written over 160 publications mainly in structural engineering and engineering education and served as editor or referee to a number of local and international journals. His research group at HRC has obtained a U.S., U.K. & Malaysian Patent and won a Geneva Innovation Gold Medal and a CIDB R&D Award for their research. In 2002, he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia (ASM)

On the professional practice front, Prof. Abang Abdullah has served as a design structural engineer with Perunding Bakti and Miconsult in the 70’s and early 80’s, designing buildings, housing and bridges. He has also assisted consulting engineers EEC, Gabungan Jurubina and Perunding Muhandis in various capacities. He is a registered PEng in Malaysia and CEng in the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of IEM, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) (U.K.) and International Ferrocement Society (IFS). He was recently elected Honorary Fellow of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO).

Summary of discussion:

1. IBS innitiated by HRC. HRC started as a centre of material and structural focussed on bamboo and ferro cement
2. In early 1990's started study on building system
3. HRC recieved research grant from MHLG, MOSTI and CiDb to look into affordable housing
4. IBS can be best adopted using local idgenious system such as in Putra Block
5. 2/3 of construction is in housing, so R&D in housing construction is vital
6. The study by HRC shows that 2 systems are suitable in Malaysian environment; block system and sandwich panel system
7. Design of IBS must be easy to manufacture and construct
8. Adoption of plug and play concept in Putrablock
9. Commercialisation hampered by lack of intrest by the industry and political aspect
10. Most IBS is 20% expensive than conventional
11. Volume is important to reduce cost
12. However, IBS is vible even in smaller projects in developed countries but not in Malaysia

We managed to access IBS publication compiled by HRC. Researchers on IBS are invited to visit HRC library at Faculty of Engineering, UPM. The IBS PhD Network and CIDB would like to thanks Prof. Abang, Cik Ernaliza Mahsum and Cik Akma for thier time and support of our research

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