Working Collaboration in Offsite

1. Construction is a complex activity, involving numerous and heterogeneous actors during relatively short periods. In offsite the process sequence is critical. It invole system interface and organisation interface. Many offsite projects were delay because of complex interface and problem with the system. Onsite design change or immideate modification is not a viable option to offsite. Flexibility and tolerence is minimum.

2. Offsite requires team member to work together as a team. Manufacture, designer, M&E and installer have a diffrent specialisation and knowhow. Its depends on the project manager to coordinate and gather thier knowledge for problem solving. Therefore, the success of offsite is depends on good collaborative working system between the parties involved in the project.

3. The collboration includes high level of cooperation and healthy realtion between main contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers, manufactures, designers and clients throughout the project period.

4. In pre-planing phase, close collaborative work between main contractor, designer and manufacturer is necessary to ensure that all the issue that may impact upon design are resolved before the product design is fixed.

5. In construction phase, the relationship between the main contractor and planner is also important in keeping the design and manufacture of offsite components in the critical path. Failure to do this would replace onsite time saving by additional offsite time, thus wasting the time benefit

6. Most important, good working collaboration will solve the problem related to complex interfacing between systems and ensure efficient process sequence onsite. Knowledge from the project team member can be fully utilise to solve the problem

7. I suggets that offsite contractors need to establish careful definition of relation and responsibility and manage the interface between parties involve in the project

8. This is achieved trough the adoption of an integrated working system in which all those function, work, responsibility and process are performed under one unify system (standardisation) where each and every project members understand their roles and other roles as well.

9. This should be writen precisely in the contract

10. Partnering agrement could be good to offsite objectives and risks are shared. This will establish the need to work together in one team

11. Finally, a good working collaboration may also depend on good communication channel. It is imperative for the project team to improve data coordination and information flow to ensure successful working collaboration. IT should be a vital and reliable support tool

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