Effective Communication in Offsite Project

Paper presented in (please make poper citation): Kamarul Anuar Mohamad Kamar & Zuhairi Abdul Hamid (2009), The Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to Offsite Construction, procedings of ICBEDC09, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), 2-3 December 2009, Pulau Pinang

1. Given an increase of coordination involved in offsite project, effective communication is necessary if not critical. The fundamental success of offsite project lies in good communication channel between all level of decision making and all project phases

2. Accurate and timely information is essential to maximise the benefits of offsite including increase speed of construction, improve value for money, utilise best use of skilled labour and achieve zero defect

3. Communication in this sense is not permitted to verbal communication but includes information and documentation flows in the project.

4. Effective communication channel across the supply chain need to be established in order to coordinate the process and deal with critical scheduling from the beginning until the project completion.

5. Effective communication incorporates distribution of information regarding decisions, designs, transportation requirements, and schedules

6. Greater communication effort is required during the early phase of the project where a thorough planning and design harmonisation are essential

7. During the construction phase, good communication channel support vital real time information between the factory and project site is necessary to ensure correct manufacturing provision and timely delivery of components to site.

8. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and management of information will significantly aid the communication in offsite

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