Research Update May 2009

Update: Case Study Research interview with Nick Whitehouse of Terrapin Ltd. will be conducted in CIRIA House, London on 4th June 2009. Terrapin website www.terrapin-ltd.co.uk

1. CIDB's technical visit to University of Salford, CIRIA and UCL by representatives of the Malaysian Construction industry has to be cancelled due to the outbreak of swine flu and advice from Health Authorities.

2. BuHu is currently compiling a research report to be presented in CIRAIC next November. The report consist of 10 high profile PhD research project conducted by Malaysian PhD candidate from BuHu including those from UiTM, UMP, CIDB and UUM. A workshop with PWD and industry captain will be held in conjuction to CIRAIC and the report will be presented by the research director Prof. Mustafa Alshawi to obtain valueble industrial insight on the topics. The PhD topic is various from Knowledge Management, Sustainability, IT and IBS but it is aiming to assist the implementation of CIMP (Construction Industry Master Plan 2006-2015) led by CIDB Malaysia.

The Research List:

· Knowledge Management Implementation in Relational Contracting Setting: A Critical Success Factors Approach by Anis Sazira Bakri and Dr. Bingunath Ingirige

· Decision making process in outsourcing support services for Public Healthcare in Malaysia by Norbaya Ab Rahim & David Baldry

· Formal and Informal Approaches to Manage Knowledge in Malaysia Construction Organisations for Improved Performance by Ida Nianti Mohd Zin & Professor Charles Egbu

· Critical Success Factors in the Implementation of Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) in Public Projects in Malaysia by Mohd Rofdzi Abdullah & Professor Charles Egbu

· The Role of Knowledge Management in Performance Evaluation of Facilities by Mohd Fadzil Yassin & Professor Charles Egbu

· The Role of School as Community Hub and Its Contribution to Promote Sustainable Community by Hairul Nizam Mansur & Professor Kieth Alexander

· Investigation on Communication and Design Integration Issues to Prevent Delays in IBS and Conventional Project by Mohd Nasrun Nawi & Dr. Angela Lee

· The Readiness Issue of Organisation to Uptake Integrated Project Delivery (nD) Modeling by Ahmad Tarmizi Haron & Professor Ghassan

· Developing a Strategic Framework to Transform Traditional Build Contractor to IBS-MMC Contractor by Kamarul Anuar Mohamad Kamar & Professor Mustafa Alshawi

· The significance and co-dependency of “Robustness” in a PPP (PFI) project environment from the perspective of the Granting Authority by Gerrald Sundaraj & Professor David Eaton

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