Research Update April 2009

Invitation letter and the interview questions has been submitted to the company directors through CIRIA. The research is currently waiting for the company directors to responds. The interview will be conducted in mid- April and May. At this present time, Easter Semester Break (3 weeks) for all universities in UK, the researcher is updating and re-arranging the literature review, pilot study and first case study data. The researcher also compiling all data to be included in CIRAIC and CIB conference papers.

Latest update - The representative from CREAM and UiTM (Ir. Dr. Zuhairi and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fadzil Hasan) will be visiting University and Salford and CIRIA betweem 18 until 22 of May 2009 to discuss issues related to the research and collaboration.

The deligation will also met Prof. Mark Sharp from CIRIA on the 20th May to discuss potential research collaboration and technology transfer between UK and Malaysia particularly on the off-site construction

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