Case Study Interview Questions (April 2009)

Introduction - The fundamental idea for off-site construction is to move some effort away from the construction site to a more controlled environment of the manufacturing floor. The benefit extolled by the off-site construction have been documented extensively in the literature. Responding to promising market sectors and the benefits, the industry may well move to off-site but with lacking of good strategies to manage pertinent issues in off-site construction. Better understanding on off-site construction process and management is important to encourage industry wide adoption. We would like to invite you to participate in a doctorate dissertation research on off-site construction conducted by Professor Mustafa Alshawi and his research team from the Research Institute for Build and Human Environment (BuHu), University of Salford and CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association). The research aims to investigate the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for building contractors to move from traditional build to off-site. The factors will create a common point of reference to direct and measure the success in business and operation. Based on the pilot study conducted earlier this year, the research has identified the following areas that are critical for contractors in order to embrace off-site market sector:

· Business Strategy
· Risk Assessment
· People Issues
· Supply Chain
· Process Management
· Optimisation
· Information Technology (IT)

We believe it is crucial to gain knowledge of practitioner’s insight in this issue. This will enable the research to construct a firm conclusion and offer credible recommendations to overcome barriers in a move from traditional build to off-site. We are prepared the following questions that we would like you to answer as accurately as possible. The information will be treated with strictly confidential.

1. What is best to explain off-site construction for contractors; a transformation in the construction process or business as usual?

2. What are the major factors that encouraged your move to off-site from traditional build?

3. What is it on Risk Assessment that exhibits your move to off-site construction?

4. What is the best approach to manage construction process sequences from the factory to site assembly?

5. How important just-in-time approach in off-site construction logistics?

6. How significant is a thorough process planning and control in off-site construction?

7. What are your view on training and re-training of construction workers to adapt off-site skills?

8. What is it about the company’s organisation structure that is pertinent to a move to off-site construction?

9. What is your view on leadership and corporate motivation in implementing off-site technologies?

10. How do you view partnering effort and strategic alliances on off-site construction supply-chain?

11. How do you communicate and coordinate the overall process of construction, manufacturing and design?

12. How did you ensure that suppliers deliver the best possible service at agreed quality and best possible price?

13. Do you agree on the role of IT as a key enabler to off-site construction?

14. How do you explain the other roles of IT in off-site construction?

15. In your opinion, what is the role of Change Management in off-site construction?

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