Ecobuild and Futurebuild Exhibition, London (3 March 2009)

  • The researcher team has visited Ecobuild and Future build exhibition at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, London. This exhibition showcased off-site technologies and other construction technologies related to green and sustainability. Overall 200 booths participated in this event, with seminar regarding off-site construction in parallel session
  • The researcher met Mr. Terry Mundy from Buildoffsite and discusses the Lloyd registration scheme. The scheme benchmark UK's IBS contractors, IBS suppliers, IBS manufacturers and IBS designers based on Buildoffsite registration database. This is a very good and established benchmarking model supported by Lloyd register and the company will be awarded certification by Lloyd register. This is exiting because the benchmarking model is tailor made to the IBS industry. We can introduce this scheme to Malaysia based on our IBS registration database and benchmark our IBS manufacturer & contractor's practice with the best-in-class in Malaysia and UK.
  • The research visited Manubuild booth and the final output presentation. The Manubuild vision is of a future where customers will be able to purchase high quality, manufactured buildings having a high degree of design flexibility and at low cost compared to today. For the first time, inspirational unconstrained building design will be combined with highly efficient industrialised production. Manubuild targets a radical breakthrough from the current "craft and resource-based construction" to "Open Building Manufacturing", combining ultra-efficient (ambient) manufacturing in factories and on sites with an open system for products and components offering diversity of supply in the market.
  • Researcher together with Prof. Mustafa Alshawi and Dr. Jack Goulding met with Prof. Mark Sharp from CIRIA. We did discuss on possible collaboration with CIRIA into this particular research. The researcher gave a brief presentation on the study and CIRIA was interested to collaborate. The coordination meeting will be conducted on 19th March 2009

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