Discussion with Prof. Mark Sharp (CIRIA)

The researcher has attended the case study’s coordination meeting with CIRIA and Buildoffsite representatives at Classic House, Old Street, London. The key issues discussed during the three hours meeting are as follows:

  • Three case studies of this research will be conducted with CIRIA’s members. CIRIA will coordinate and arrange the logistics issues of the case study with the company directors. The interview session will be conducted between the researcher with the directors on early April 2009.
  • The research team now need to re-composed and improve the interview questions with the supervisors
  • The case studies will be followed by the quantitative Questionnaire with off-site practitioners in UK planned to be on Jun or July 2009
  • Prof. Mark Sharp proposed that the research should focusing on the result gathered from the pilot study. He also suggested to the researcher to look carefully to the case study selection to mitigate any bias and develop robust research methodology. As such, the case should be a repetitive sample represented the case rather than a variety of case in a single unit analysis
  • More meeting will be conducted with CIRIA and Buildoffiste to capture and learned UK's best practices on IBS and OSM

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