CIRAIC 2009 - Abstract 3

IBS Best Practices in United Kingdom: Case Study Report 1

The role of contractor as system integrator and assembler is important to Industrialised Building System (IBS) implementation and its value chain. However, their readiness to adopt IBS methodology is still an issue and the direct benefit of IBS adoption to contracting companies is remains unclear. This paper is case study report on United Kingdom (UK)’s building contractor which has been successfully adopted IBS as a standard approach in their construction practice. First, the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for IBS implementation were determined trough a thorough literature review and the factors were listed as a case study assumption. Then, the assumptions were tested in a single case perspective trough pattern matching technique. Further exploration on their best practices was conducted through open ended interviews and observation onto the subject. In this case, the selected company is focusing on Strategic Partnering Alliance (SPA), early engagement of all members, ICT enhance collaborative working, optimisation, just-in-time logistic, improvement in tendering and procurement system. The company is also looking into the soft issues and putting emphasis on Change Management initiative. Trough the case study, we can fully understand the role of contractors in IBS’s project implementation, their best practices and how they successfully adopting IBS as their standard construction approach. This will eventually help other contractors to benchmark their practices and expedite their learning curve on IBS implementation.

Keywords: best practice, case study, contractor, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Industrialised Building System (IBS).

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