Exhibiting quick-fit building system (NST - 20 January 2009)

THE second edition of the Malaysia IBS International Exhibition (MIIE 2009) aims to attract greater interest in the construction industry. IBS is a construction process which uses techniques, products, components or building systems involving prefabricated components on or of-site installation. The main draw of the three-day event, starting from tomorrow at the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, is an exhibition on IBS products and technologies participated by more than 100 exhibitors.Admission is FREE.The choice of the venue for MIIE 2009 is also most fitting. The new CIDB convention centre itself is an example of IBS construction (constructed using steel frames and pre-cast concrete elements in record time).

MIIE 2009 is perhaps the largest and most ambitious event held in promoting IBS in Malaysia as a full-scale demonstration of precast concrete installation, spray plastering and others will be on show.Another important aspect of the exhibition is a seminar on IBS which will see 10 papers presented by local and international IBS industry leaders.With hundreds of construction industry players and exhibitors participating, MIIE 2009 will provide an IBS knowledge-sharing platform, covering the dissemination of information and technology, discussion opportunities and networking sessions.The seminar will cover three topics: "Comparative Impact of Usage of IBS in Society", "A-Z of IBS Implementation" and "Matching Needs and Opportunity".Datuk Associate Professor Dr Abu Bakar Mohd Piah from Universiti Teknikal Melaka Malaysia will speak on "Comparative Impact on Usage of IBS in Society".

He will be followed by CIDB chairman Tan Sri Jamilus Hussein, who will deliver the keynote address and an overview of the IBS implementation.Among the papers to be tabled are "Current State of IBS Implementation in Malaysia", "The Critical Success Factor for IBS Contractors", "IBS: The JKR Perspective", "The Manufacturer's and Installer's Perspective" and "An Innovative Application of Prefabrication Technology".Organised by CIDB and IBS Centre, the event, themed "Development Through IBS Integration", is supported by the Works Ministry; Housing and Local Government Ministry; Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Ministry; Institution of Engineers Malaysia; Master Builders Association Malaysia; Malaysia Structural Steel Association and local universities.Another highlight of MIIE 2009 is business matching.There will be sessions which provide participating organisations and companies the chance to meet set up industry networks. Opportunities will be created for companies to discuss business cooperation and collaboration, financial support and technology transfer.Visitors should visit the IBS showhouse, located between the convention centre and IBS component gallery. The showcase units are in the form of three hybrid IBS dwelling structures that include a bungalow, an apartment and a terrace house. The three buildings were originally designed and constructed based on open building principles and IBS components for MIIE 2006. The structures were retained for promotion and training purposes.The IBS component gallery showcases the flexibility of IBS construction, using the system for regenerating existing buildings as well as creating new ones.It is also to demonstrate full-scale IBS components available in the local market and at the same time serves as an IBS reference centre for designers, contractors and the public.

The gallery highlights the IBS score factor for each of the components and examples of IBS score calculation. It is divided into three zones, following the IBS Score, structural system (50 points), wall system (30 points) and other simplified (20 points) which consists of five main IBS systems: blockwork; steel-framing; precast concrete; formwork, timber framing and other prefabricated construction components.Visitors can participate in IBS games such as a Lego competition which will be held based on IBS technology. Contestants will have one hour to build a structure.For students, they can participate in a design contest where contestants will need to use Briscard software. Each group comprising three members must come up with a building design in three hours.A competition using an electrical track will be held where each contestant is required to reach the final point.In the treasure hunt, participants will be given questions related to IBS and MIIE 2009

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