Discussion on IBS

The following is part of interesting discussion about IBS in this blog. Thank you Angelin for sharing your taught. It is about civil ideal vs social ideal.. architect vs engineer..

Angelin said "IBS belongs to an ideology rather than to a civil ideal. It is intended to promote the individual, not the common good. It is meant to set the avant-garde apart from the rest, not to allow architecture to serve as a means by which every individual perfects his nature within civil society"

K.A.M.K said "The 'civil idealism' should allows every member of the society serve the purpose and responsibility. Yes, i agreed. However, have you taught about 'social ideal' and 'construction realism' of what actually happen in every construction site in the world. dependency of unskilled foreign labour, low productivity, price, accidents (dirty, dangerous, difficult) and so on .. just named a few. Don't the crane operators, brick layers and general workers deserved some form of idealism too, do they?. unless we have better option, IBS or any kind of manufacturing adoption will improves the industry significantly by at least provide the laymen better place to work and giving customers like us better quality and value for money. Please do not misconcept IBS with a 'post-war' design idealism. IBS is indeed innovation & creativity and what expert defined as a 'creative platform within perspective'. Just, architects and design engineers need to re-invent their thinking process and re-learn new perspective of design to fit both IBS requirements and satisfied their creativity craving

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