The CSFs Framework for IBS Contractor

Fig1: The CSFs Framwork for IBS Contractor

After lengthy discussion with supervisors and IBS research group in University of Salford, the research team had come out with the framework entitled "the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) Framework for IBS Contractor"

The framework will be published to get more feedback from academician and construction observer both in:

1. Paper presentation in 9th BuHu International Postgraduate Conference (IPGRC), University of Salford, The Lowry, Salford, January 2009

2. Keynote paper in Malaysian IBS International Exhibition (MIIE 2009), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (will be presented by Ir.Dr. Zuhairi Abd. Hamid the Executive Director of CREAM), January 2009

(Kindly get full copy of presentation at respective conferences)


mama3hz said...

congratulations kamarul and happy belated birthday...tk sempat nak wish dlm facebook....progres you mmg impressive...within before 1 year, dah ader 2 paper..keep it up good work ya..

K.A.M.K said...

thanks.. masih banyak yg boleh diperbaiki.. all the best for your study and family too...