Research Update

The reasearcher is now preparing a series of interview questions a pilot study with Taylor Woodrow Ltd.'s representative. Discussion with Prof. Mustafa Alsyawi scheduled on Monday 20/10 has been postponed to Thursday 23/10. Priliminary interview with David Leonard (Taylor Woodroow) will be held in Prof. Mustafa's Room at Maxwell Building on 29/10.

New Update! Dr. Samir Budjaber (CORUS) will be also joining the meeting and will be interviewed for case study and further data collection arrangement. Dr. Budjabear is one of the sacreteriat for Manubuild Consortium. The meeting will be conducted at 4.30 am.


Anis Sazira said...

Thanks for always visiting my PhD blog....
It looks like you are in a very good progress.

K.A.M.K said...

Thanks.. your blog is also good and informative.. both on subject matters and life in UK