One of the strength of the case study approach is that it allows the researcher to use variety of type of data as part of the investigation. As such triangulation is used. The case study will use triangulation method to validate data in case study. Triangulation method is used will be implemented by posing the research question through three pronged system of collecting data. Data was obtain through the use of number of research instruments such as in depth structured interviews with relevant senior executive and front line staff whom actually doing the thing, company observation, feedback form. Such triangulation is viewed as useful as it provide multiple perspectives on single phenomenon (Cohen and Mension, 1989). More important it will increase the reliability of data and the way of gathering it. In the context of data collection, triangulation serve to corroborate the data gathered from other sources. The method also minimize the element of distortion and try to gain more and more evidence and validation through the case studies and general survey. The type of evidence in case study methodology where need in depth and holistic investigations are as documentation, archival records, interviews, direct observation, participant observation, physical artifacts

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