Pilot Study - Latest Update!

Pilot Study on this research will be conducted at Taylor Woodrow Ltd from November to December 2008

Preliminary interview and coordination meeting will be conducted with David Leonard, Off-Site Director, Taylor Woodrow Ltd on 29th October 2008 at University of Salford.

The interview will discuss the followings:

Prelimanary interview on background of the company, strategic directon & past experience, gathered information on current organisation set up, co-ordinating data collection, determine site visit or attachment for case study observation, identify personel to be interviewed.

Pilot Study will:

  • Developing and testing adequacy of research instruments
  • Assessing the feasibility of a full-scale study
  • Designing a research protocol
  • Assessing whether the research protocol is realistic and workable
  • Establishing whether the sampling frame and technique are effective
  • Identifying logistical problems which might occur using proposed methods
  • Estimating variability in outcomes to help determining sample size
  • Determining what resources are needed for a planned study
  • Assessing the proposed data analysis techniques to uncover potential problems

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