Industrialised Building Systems: The Critical Success Factors

After careful consideration and in-depth discussion with the supervisor, the following Critical Success Factors for IBS contractor are determined. The CSFs will be validated trough Pilot Study scheduled to be conducted at Taylor Woodrow Ltd. Paper entitled 'Industrialised Building Systems: The Critical Success Factor' authored by Alshawi, M., Hamid, Z. & Kamar, K. has been submitted and will be published at BuHu International Postgraduate Research Conference (IPGR) in January 2009 to get more feedback from the construction audience. The CSFs of IBS implementation (contractor's perspective) are:

1. Planning and Control of Internal Process
2. Partnering & Procurement
3. Project Cost System
4. Integrating with Design
5. Extensive IT
6. Corporate Leadership
7. Human Resource & Skill Training
8. Handling, Installation & Commissioning
9. Standardisation & Tolerance

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