CIMP Presentation @ Salford (3/10/2008) - Report

  1. Attended by 6 UiTM-CREAM researcher, 5 Malaysian Researcher at Salford, 3 International Student, Brian Meichen (Director of Business Development & Marketing) and Prof. Mustafa Alshawi (Director of BuHu), Room 720, Maxwell Building, 10.30 am - 12.30 noon
  2. 10.30 am - Prof. Mustafa giving his introduction speech to welcome Mr. Nawi and highlighted his view on CIMP & industry - university collaboration
  3. Mr. Nawi speak for almost an hour 10.35 am - 11.30 am; presenting on current update on CIMP, implementation plan & monitoring, achievement to date and elaborate on strategic thrust
  4. 11.30 - 12.30 - Q&A session and discussion. Some of the Q&A:
  5. P.Mustafa - Q - Resources & Budget to fund CIMP implementation?, A- 80% CIDB from Levy 20 % - other sources are from industry contribution and budget allocation in various government agencies
  6. P. Mustafa - commenting on strategic analysis, readiness issues and create balance action throughout the implementation plan
  7. Ms. Nurbaya - Q - What are the most important aspect of CIMP? A - Integration, consolidation of industry and working together in value chain (ST1)
  8. Mr. Dawood - commenting on power driver for strategic implementation; government intervention and financial influence; he is currently creating a strategic model and will take CIMP as a case study
  9. Mr. Eric - commenting on brain drain due to globalisation; if CIDB encourage global player, local industry will suffer due to lost of expertise and well train professional; A - CIDB encourage documentation of best practice for knowledge sharing
  10. Mr. Nawi - commenting on current state of procurement in Malaysia; selecting lowest bid. Not promoting value; encourage more partnering initiative
  11. Mr. Nawi - commenting on CIDB effort to help contractor in Middle East and India; Networking and Feasibility Studies
  12. Mr. Dawood- CIMP is centralising or decentralised ? A - Mix, centralising when dealing with legislation etc, decentralise e.g R&D, university syllabus etc
  13. 12.00 - 12.30 - Close session with researchers; Q&A specific on research area e.g Knowledge Management, IBS and Facilities Management. 12.30 - Conclusion and Mr. Nawi visited student work station at L3 Maxwell Building
  14. CREAM would like to thank Mr.Nawi, Prof. Mustafa, Ms Cheryl Betley (BuHu) and all the participant of the program.

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