Re-engineering Contractor and Project Manager Roles in IBS project

1. Contractor and project manager play a wider and unconventional role in construction process due to manufacturing and production element in IBS.

2. Project managers need to play multi-role in construction on-site and off-site which demanded a multi skills and knowledge.

3. Integration, monitoring, supply chain management is proved vital in IBS project compared to traditional method. As such IT tools plays important role to ensure effectiveness and reduce risk.

4. IT tool is also widely used in mass-customization concept. IT tools is utilize in both front office (interface, communicate customer choice, on-line decision making) as well as in the back office (between supply chain, production line and assembly) to ensure successful mass-customization implementation.

5. Moving towards a more customized supply model will also require firms to adopt business processes which integrate production and sales functions. As such re-engineering of contractors role is inevitable.

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Anis Sazira said...

thanks le sudi visit blog saya tu....ingat nk masukkan lagu2 lain, tp dh tk reti nk buat....
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