Technical Visit & Tour of Wolseley Ltd.

1. Wolseley Sustainable Centre located at Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickhire about 2 hour journey by train from Manchester Piccadilly. This program organised by Buildoffsite, CIRIA as a platform to share knowledge, networking and showcasing available off-site technology in market among industry players in order to promote off-site construction in the UK. The program include 30 minute presentation by CIRIA, 30 minute presentation by Wolseley rep. and tour of facilities and showhouse.

2. The Sustainable Centre is a multi-purposed showhouse using by the developer as thier office, conference rooms and exhibition gallery. People actually using this building everyday as thier real office. It almost similar in functional and presentation with UEM's IBS Centre in Petaling Jaya. The showroom need to be a real office or place people do their normal work as it reflect the 'normalness' rather than promoted IBS as new or out of the world technology

3. Almost all components was pre-fabricated with very minimum on-site works. The components are produced from various manufactures in an open concepts. Open concept encourage competitiveness. Competitiveness encourage innovation and component's cost reduction. Ten years ago a LCD TV cost a fortune but technology availability trough R&D and innovation and market competitiveness reduce the cost significantly.

4. The company highlighted sustainable as a theme as its associate off-site construction with innovation, value for money and lifestyle. Normally off-site is associate with monotonous design but here off-site experience a paradigm change where off-site is able to make way for building to be sustainable. Now client are more well educated into issues such as global warming and carbon footprint and this type of house is a hit for upper market.

5. Buildoffsite under CIRIA plays similar role for UK gov. as IBS Centre in Malaysia. CIRIA presentation on that day highlighted Buildoffsite activities as follows:

6. Buildoffsite training is focus only on developing "skilled system integrator (erector)" to bridge skill gaps. In Malaysia, IBS courses are rather diverse e.g MC checker, design etc... There is an urgent need to study on IBS skill gaps in Malaysia and identify training needs!!!

7. Buildoffsite accreditation scheme is include the entire supply chain rather than focus on pre-casters or erector capability

8. Buildoffsite established client advisory group. Program to understand client requirement and needs. Buildoffsite sit with clients, discuss, consult and debate on the issues of IBS. e.g How IBS can archive cost saving??? Understand client is one of basic, important but yet forgettable aspect in IBS implementation

9. Buildoffsite organised a lot member to member program to share knowledge and showcase technologies.

10. Buildoffsite establish specific focus group among architect to solve issues on architect reluctant to use IBS

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Anis Sazira said...

Banyaknya dh buat site visit,....itu semua utk case study u ke? Raya nanti jemput le dtg rumah saya ye....ajak wife awak tu sekali...tk pernah kenal lg.

p/s: Saya pun suka baca buku PhD prof. Kamil tu.....very2 significant...trying to get a copy from Malaysia....nk ulang baca.