Case Study as Research Methodology

Definition - A research strategy is a "way of investigating" many situations to contribute to our knowledge of individual, group, organisational, social, political, and related phenomena (Denscombe, 1998; Yin, 2003). One of the strengths of the case study approach is that it allows the researcher to use a variety of sources and a variety of types of data. These sources were captured from the document obtained from all the case studies. Case study as a research strategy focuses on understanding the dynamics present within single settings (Eisenhardt, 1989).

Why Choose Case Study- The case study is used to study phenomenon (best practices) in the context (Industrialized Building System) (Yin, 2003). The research is interested on a study on how and why rather than how much and how many in survey methodology (in the case study in IBS projects) (Yin, 2003). The research is also in tendency to study in detail and to be holistic rather than isolation factors (in IBS project) (Descombe, 1998). It also an ideal methodology when a holistic, in-depth investigation is needed (Feagin et al., 1991).

Research Protocol - Each and every case study will be conducted using case study protocol (set of question that will be post in all cases) and then will be analyze using pattern matching method to improve reliability

Pilot Case Study - One pilot case study to be conducted to refine data collection method, case study protocol and conceptual clarification on research design (Yin, 2003)

Multiple case study - The research will use multiple case study to blunt such skeptical and fears about the uniqueness or artifactual condition surrounding the case and to validate the theoretical model developed in this study

Data collection- The research will use triangulation method- multiple perspective on single phenomenon (Cohen & Mension, 1989). Data will be collected from document, interview observation etc. It will minimize the element of distortion and gain more evidence and validation

Generalization- To solve this issue, the author will describe in detail the selection process of case studies, the limitation and make some comparison with other case through validation process.

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