Introduction to the Research

1.1 Project Title
Benchmarking Gap between Malaysia and United Kingdom’s Industrialized Building System (IBS) Contractors and Recommendations to Transfer Malaysian’s G7 Contractors to be an IBS Ready Company

1.2 The Aim
The aims of the research are to identify the gaps between IBS’s contractors in Malaysia and in the United Kingdom trough a comprehensive Benchmarking study and provide constructive recommendations to transfer G7 contractors in Malaysia to be an IBS ready company

1.3 The Objective
To study the steps and phases in Benchmarking Model as a research instrument of the study, To investigate the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of IBS companies and identify information to be benchmarked, To undertake benchmarking study and identify gaps trough a series case studies in UK and Malaysia, To provide constructive recommendations in transferring Malaysian’s G7 contractors to be IBS ready contractors

1.4 Research Question
What are the current Benchmarking steps and phases in management studies?
What are the Critical Success Factors (CSF) and the criteria on IBS to be measured?
What type of information to be collected?
How the factors to be calculated?
What are the criteria to select Benchmarking partner (comparable financially, requirement, logistics, organization and market sector)?
What are the essential characteristics and the Critical Success Factors (CFS) of IBS contractors?
What are the current practices and issues on IBS in the UK and Malaysia?
How the construction companies in UK covert themselves from conventional contractors to IBS ready contractors?
How IBS’s professionals justified the commercial values of IBS?
How IBS’s professionals convince the top management in the company on the benefit of IBS?
What are the current market of IBS in mass-housing development in Malaysia and the UK?
How IBS contractors deal with human resources? Do they need to re-employ or retrain the workers in IBS specialties?
What are the best leadership policy and organization structure for IBS contractors?
How IBS’s contractors change from cost competitive to customer focus and value for money concept?
How the companies change from mass production to mass customization?
What are the role of IT technology in IBS project integration, supply chain and mass-customization of IBS products?
How the IBS’s best practice in UK to be captured and showcased to the G7 contractors in Malaysia?
How the company abstract, implement and routinise the best practice learn from the Benchmarking study and the best practice’s showcased?

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